Debug vs GSE2 Starting Line

I’m using debug to try to tune my macro. Yet the behaviour exhibited by Debug seems confusing. It always seems to execute the lines in sequence before it attempted those in premacro and keysequence.

I have two examples. In this attached script, notice the first line in sequence is Metamorphosis, and in debug that’s the first line executed:

To try to confirm this behaviour I changed the script by adding additional steps. Again, it seemed to execute the lines in sequence before it attempted those in premacro and keysequence.

Two questions:

  1. If GSE2 is suppose to execute:
    a. PreMacro
    b. KeyPress
    c. Sequence
    d. KeyRelease
    e. PostMacro

Why does it seem to be starting with Sequence?

  1. On an unrelated note … why are some skills showing up in Debug as “GCD In Cooldown” when these sequences are the very first moment of execution and no skills are in cooldown (or have been used)?

1 see Home · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub Also when you exit combat it resets. If you click the macro after that it can advance without putting you back in combat. In the debugger Lines start numbered in the list from PreMacro then sequence then PostMacro. KeyPress and KeyRelease are not monitored as they are added to each line of the other three

2 castsequence lines are evaluated as a whole so you need to look at the detail not the general indicator.

Do you consider /cast and /castsequence to be the same thing? I didn’t use /castsequence.

No they aren’t the same thing. Both are in the debug shown

I’ve noticed that before, but I’m purposefully not using /castsequence.

Where is that coming from? Wow?

No idea but when it’s executing that is what is running after the covers.

Also your pause in KeyRelease is never executed. It needs to be a sequence line proper.

Ok, so the castsequence thing - we have no control over and is a red-herring.

Should the script not start with PreMacro? Or is it possible Debug is not showing all of the executed lines from the start?