Delay between filler spells for warlock

I have an unusual problem with my destruction and demonology warlock macros all of my other alts work perfectly but on my warlock there is a very small yet still perceptible delay in between casting the filler spells like incinerate or shadowbolt maybe about 1/4-1/5 of a second just barely noticeable however enough of a dps decrease that I have been having to cast the filler spells myself it started happening around the middle of 9.0 I have tried several different macros disabling and removing all of the other addons I have tried a fresh uninstall and reinstall and only installing GSE changing the MS of my AHK faster and slower and even tried it on a new pc I got this summer yet the problem still persists I am wracking my brains at what the issue could be if its a weird setting in wow that I need to change or something on my pc that I need to change any help would be appreciated

I’m also seeing this… No answer.