Deleted Enmity Post

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One stupid question regarding the Rime procs. As I have the macro spamming with my Synapse, when Rime proc lights up I am having trouble pressing the HB button while the spamming is on. Should I turn of the spam and hit HB for the proc and continue the macro spam after hitting.

I am really struggling to keep first breath up more than 40sec going in to it with at least 70RP and two runes available. Making the CD of HRW not available for the second BOS and therefore not the second BOS not making past the 20sec mark.

My stats are not terrible, making 20% mark on both Crit and Haste while having about 28% Mastery.

Why did they nerf the machine gun :’(

I am not sure what is going on… for some reason I cant see the topics… I went to edit my original BOS topic and it disappeared… I thought maybe it was due to changing the title… so fortunately I had the original post bookmarked which allowed me to cut and paste to a new topic… after which I wanted to edit some typing errors now it has disappeared…

Is there a penalty for editing your own posts now???