Demon Hunter Havoc DPS PvE

I need some macro that works without mouse or keyboard software, I have an ordinary one. all day I will try all macros on this website and I have a maximum of 600 DPS and I have ilvl 206

So u do know that ANY macro on this website can be used without special software for your mouse and keyboard. If you make/import a macro ingame via GSE addon, you can simply drag the macro icon onto your bars and smash that button over and over again…

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I know that too, but no macro gives dmg.It worked on the previous patch. and updating everything didn’t help

Thats weird… I use GSE3 PvE/PvP Macro 9.1 (No Fury Starvation And Never Gets Stuck) - Demon Hunter / Havoc - WoW Lazy Macros for my DH and if I move the macro button to lets say 1 and spam it, it works just as intended, only difference is, I cannot keep up with spamming the key over and over again at 50 ms :slight_smile: So I think it is something on your end that is making it not do damage…

The dps loss with my mouse doing the clicking for me and me pressing the actually button is 3.4k dps vs 2.8… so yeah its a loss, but not one anyone would notice in LFR :slight_smile:

It really doesn’t work for me, but this works great :daK5daWjsjAwuvUfsi7cju)ssggvvhtklJeptsnnK6AuOTjbFJQW4iPZPuoOeYcrIEiPWejv1fvISrsj8rsr1ivI6KkPEjPIMjPs3KuLDIWpjvyOkblvc1tbnvLQRsv0wrc(kPiERqURG2l0FjfLbdCyrlgj9yunzLKlRYMjLQptrJwOonLETsOzlv3wI2nXVrz4uLooPKwoIEovMUIRlW2jfPVtkLZtb7xvJnChjAiudplw31EsSwZwUikOdnqcfChHlFDVDRSicr4E2pzCiS1QBk1neQV1Lu73sRSdJePIWIVCLoKUbKsewuWeZirOgbKDBGyPi9jZtyKiuZHlrHJ0zzcsOuWOreQxkbzFTmhPMEYyzcsjcxs0oJKFAWk9Mts12TJbKseU819IW1Az5dideXkMpWopiNhq7V057budMhS(bMbNZ9adSGhWt5bdPHhWKhyGfq(aM2Kh0zA7CZdkDumc1)0Eg0hKOHq9sojJchPZYehUJenChjAiSINU5brcJhNICDRyg(afJQBk(rcfewXt38GiHXJtrUUvm99aoRKAoHpOTP6VvJe1iSINU5brcJhNICDRy67bCwj1CcFqtvLEBdjOryfpDZdIegpof56wXm8b10kQnpqcJiSINU5brcJhNICDRyg(GAAA1ckirbewXt38GiHXJtrUUvm99aoRKAoHpOPQsVTHeEGWkE6MhejmECkY1TIPVhWzLuZj8bTnv)TAKqfHv80npisy84uKRBfZWhuttRwqbj2qyfpDZdIegpof56wX03d4SsQ5e(GMQk92gs08JWkE6MhejmECkY1TIz4dQPPvlOGeTgcR4PBCNwdoHFpisy84uKRBfZWhuttRACZ3dQPPvnUHenfewXt38GiHXJtrUUvmdFqnnTAbfeQZZWcKNZH7irdHvtsAEZjxPHhejS4KSmmA1LRcXbH6YyE11wAhKOHqDEgk(6x6oChhecNZRwei8XYeecpTgCYyZoc1GvsnhKseUaZn6LCsgUJdcxG80l5KmChheUtALfVrbPehCqi07XxRpsy0dpqOMC5IffqMoChheQB6gp9UkNBfcv8R08xqHUPQOuBehCqe

this macro is read only and can’t change anything.

First of all, you need AHK if you don’t want to have keyboard/mouse software macro. Second, if you go to my hdh macro post you can download the ahk script, then you just Edit it to spam whatever key you want to have spammed. In this script you can also change MS. Be sure to always have the correct talents for each version of the macros you come across. Otherwise you will not do much dmg at all.