Dez's BigBang with Spinnakers boom

DPS after 30 million damage no AOE except for moonfire that is proced

Chest Talents

Head Talents

Shoulder Talents

Neck Talents

Talents In General

Import Code Below


AHK Settings

While GetKeyState(“1”,“p”){
sleep 160ms

Based off of Spinnakers, just made it to function better for me and changed a lot of the functions to lesson the Astral Power usage till needed.

Macro Version For PVE

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Heart Essence, Starsurge

KeyPress: Moonfire, Celestial Alignment, Moonkin Form, Sunfire

Main Sequence: Moonfire, Starsurge, Heart Essence, Solar Wrath, Lunar Strike, Celestial Alignment, Sunfire

KeyRelease: Starsurge, Heart Essence, Starfall

I really appreciate your recommendations and macro Dez. This has the highest DPS in any of the one button macros I’ve tried so far. One little thing that doesn’t affect my playstyle is that . I see Starfall in your macro but it never fired when I tried the macro. I keep Starfall in a seperate AOE rotation macro. I also leave Celestial Alignment out to burst when I want (on dungeon and raid bosses, PVP opponents, etc.)
Thanks a million!

I tried using this macro for a while but find that it gets stuck sometimes and casts Stellar Flare over and over. It works great until it gets stuck - honestly I think it’s the neck ability that causes it. Might be better to not have that going.

/reload then try it, I think its a mid start thing

Will do - thanks for the reply

Going to test it today.
I hope to see more of these.
Nice to see there are more ways to do Balance dps.
Thanks for the effort the both of you guys.:two_hearts:

I have to say this macro is by far the best balance macro out here. I´m at 395 ilvl and i´m doing like 18-20k in single target bossfight. Absolutely insane.

This one is good but there are a couple out there that are just as good. Test some others out and see if they do better for you…

I did and there isn’t one ATM.

Well there were a couple before the xpac that were quite good and still are - I still use them now and they are quite competitive.

this macro is by far the best balance macro out here

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It wasn’t meant as a slap in your face, relax. Not any different than you hijacking Spinnaker’s macro and throwing out there how you “made it better” and whatever.

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“HIS,” Dez. “…his macro.” :slight_smile:


I didn’t mind that you elaborated on my macro. It only makes sense that everyone elaborate off of each other. And I was given credit, which I truly appreciate.

I wouldn’t say that you “made it better.” You made it lazier by having Celestial Alignment in the rotation. I like better control of when to use “Celestial Alignment” for burst damage (for tough PVP opponents, dungeon and raid bosses, rares, etc.) And your macro originally had Starfall in it, which is unnecessary in most situations (even in most AOE situations.) You’d be better off sticking with Starsurge in nearly all situations and rotate DOTs on your targets.

But I don’t know why you felt you had to delete it. I can see about posting a truly lazy one button macro without Starfall and with Celestial Alignment in the routine rotation if you don’t repost your macro for those that want such a thing.



Lol sorry man. Ya I made it a lot easier essentially. Also I put that in that one line to kill that line from firing every round that way it only fires of when celestial is up, it made for better return on focus. And the release let operations tend to help on setteling down on the use of starsurge. But all in all ill post my new one that actually gave more dps. As far as saying I made it better that was a poor lack of words I should have said i made it a lot more lazy :stuck_out_tongue: