Dez's Destruction 1 Button 08/19/2018 UPDATE

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This seems to do very well with using ahk set at 50
CTRL is for Drain life

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.06.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Immolate

KeyPress: Summon Voidwalker, Drain Life

Main Sequence: Shadowburn, Incinerate, Summon Infernal, Chaos Bolt, Conflagrate

KeyRelease: Immolate

#ifWinActive World of Warcraft
if not GetKeyState("1", "P")
if GetKeyState("LCtrl", "P")
Send ^1
else if GetKeyState("LShift", "P")
Send +1
else if GetKeyState("LAlt", "P")
Send !1
Send 1
sleep 50

please add info about the macro dps output talents recommended and other info about it just tossed out macro doesnt do much

Well seeing as inside the macro has the talents listed and the dps will very from player to player I dont feel the need to try and say that this thing beats everyone else macros it is just put up here for people to try and see if it helps them. You can toss out some macros if you like though.

i have ALot of macros i have made do not get defensive im just pointing out you should write something about the macro for people dont go in flying blind… so calm your self sir or i could use it and tell you everything wrong with it and nite pick or you could post things for people can go in expecting something…

also just dont think i dont contribute macros i do but in privet for people and for myself

the logic you have it really flawed in why to not post info about it im not trying to fight or e thug it im just pointing out that no one is going to know any info about it…

and no one is expecting it to be someone else or be flawless what people want to see is you know stuff about your macro why you have it the way you do why you picked though talents…how is it performing for you for they have a ground to go off on what to expect…

so yeah but you have a good day sir and i wish the best of luck on your macro

LOL are you really trying to make me look like the bad guy after your first post in which you edited to make it not sound so bad ? I plainly stated that the macro tells you the talents you need inside it once you import it. And as far as I can see I dont see any of your macros…
And the logic is not flawed common sense is that everyone knows we all put the talents inside the macro and like I said 1 macro will not tell another what the DPS will be on it due to how it is played maybe you just dont understand the way macro’s function.
So ya have a good day sir!

im very interested in this. the unique way you handled the destro macro in legion made me rethink everything and helped create what was easily the best macro of the expansion. so far however, I am not so lucky. Immolate in keypress is a killer on multitarget for most people at 80-375ms. I never tried 50. i dont know if its the new version of gse, or maybe going the other direction with your timing (I have to run mine at 400ms), but if you are not getting stuck on an infinite casting loop of immolate let me know. particularly with 3 targets.
we lose about 10-15% dps with my macro having to run it so slow to prevent lockups like that. I would be so happy if yours didnt suffer from that. I am out of town and wont be able to try yours today, unfortunately. ill give feedback as soon as I can.

The old one that targets another mob and casts Havoc was killer but the way things are now about the only way to get that right would be to use macrotoolkit it actually does work flawlessly, what you could do is use both macrotoolkit and gse to accomplish the casts like that. As far as the new way casts are made it is seeming unlikely that any macro we put out will work as good with someone else system due to latency etc. But Ill keep this one updated and hopefully find a work around for a couple things.

So I’ve been using this a couple of days now. I’ve noticed the sequence sometimes gets stuck casting immolate or incinerate. And also there are times that it stops casting all together until a conflag becomes available. I don’t use any type of key press programs, could that be the issue?


is your code looking like this? or do i have an error showing me this?

They all look like that now. Its the new weak aura style of making the macros. All you do is copy and paste it into game like the old macros then it switches into the mode you are familiar with.