DF - My Demo boy - Pre patch

Basic Disc Macro for pre-patch V0.1
Tested with GSE 3.1.13

Macro is aimed at functionality, if working at release (pending my update) should be good enough for dungeon grind. Note the following:

  • Talent spec based on Icyviens Mythic @ 60
  • Focuses on Demo damage rotation, player needs to apply (Shift) to cast Demonbolt when instant cast.

How to use:

  • cast, use shift when Demonbolt is instant cast


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Honestly, my lock is doing great damage with this macro. Great work!!


Thanks! it helped me get from 54 to 60 pretty mindlessly

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works great but i did edit it slightly. REmoved the casting of unending resolve, as i prefer to use it as needed attached with a healthstone macro.

Originally also added castsequence to dread stalkers to cast corruption after but icy vein says corruption can be dropped from demo rotation so I removed it altogether from the macro.

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this macro works great only thing i changed is taken corruption out demo warlocks wasting a cast on corruption is a dps loss demo dont use corruption :slight_smile: besides that great work

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what speed shall i fire this macro ? also which main pet should i be using ?

fair call, I must have skimmed over that

Demo (corect me if wrong) should always use felguard fro PVE, I fire it at the standard 250

hey, when i delete the variable unending reseolve it keeps spamming in chat -key release so many times…

how can i fix that please also i want to add soul rot to the rotation how can i do it ?

Just remove all the keyrelease lines in the code
worked for me i think so far

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Has anyone gotten any of these macros working after the Phase 2 Patch? I can’t ever get it to cast at all.

Its just you bud, I checked mine and it works

I seem to be having a problem where none of my pets(demons) are attacking. Did anyone have this issue or know of a way to fix this?

I hope this isnt a silly question, but do you have them on passive?

That didn’t seem to be the problem. I did a little research and discovered that they work similar to hunter pets. So I added a /petattack to the macro and it fixed the problem.