DH PvP First attempt

I check out whats going on with the blade dance.

Thanks ! Sorry I’m new to this so just trying to get my head round it all.

I managed to remove the blur at start.

No worries I’m still learning things myself. I’m still working on the Blade dance issue.

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Legend ! I wish I could understand it to :rofl:

what are your talents running this? I’d like to start PVPing my DH but I’m not sure if my talents are PVP oriented.

The talents I’m using are in the macro. I use it for doing PvP and PvE. I dont really care about “top charts” in PvE since I dont do much of it. I PvP more than anything. I test my macros on both the raiding training dummy and PvP training dummy and as long as I pull close to to the dps that raidbots says I should be doing I’m happy with that.

Thanks! I didn’t see that in there. I’ll give it a try! I haven’t touched PVP this xpac yet with my DH but I’m tired of going against them in arenas so I’ll just become one haha

Did you have any joy with the blade dance ? Does the macro try to use the inner demon procs after each transformation ?

tried to get this working but dont seem to do anything. i changed talents and added macro and added to hot bar but nothing happens with i click it?

this is the best one ive found so far

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You might need to change the blizzard settings option for keyup to keydown or visa versa.

Blizzard had some wonky settings that triggers things like this. It is set at what ever is used last so you will have to goto your normal blizzard settings by pressing esc and either searching for it or go to your keyboard settings. Sorry I forgot the exact one to click on to get to the option.

Anyways it should be key up but change it to the opposite and /reloadui and try again.
If that doesn’t work delete the macro and reinstall it.

On occasion some macros are set up as “reset=target” to get the macro rolling. Try tab targeting to something else then back to see if it’s just the macro written that way too.

and the talents?plsssssssss hshahahs

Hi Diesel, thanks for the macro bro, can you please tell me what spells do you use separately from the macro?

You’re welcome for the macro I havent play my DH since I created the macro. I’m usually play my hunter so I really dont remember what buttons I used separately.

Do you have a macro for hunter pvp?

I have a BM hunter macro that I use for both PvP and PvE

care to share it? been wanting to try my hunter out

Yea sure I’ll post it in the Bm hunter section

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