Direct Key binding without using create icon?

Since there is only 18 slots per character, and I don’t want to mix macros in the account macro.
Is it possible to directly bind macro to a key?
This feature is in Macro Toolkit, and I find it really useful

Have you tried it? In macro toolkit?

I’ll go try and post results.

EDIT: OK, I went and copied the macro and pasted it into macro toolkit’s “Keybind Only”
tab it works great so far. I havn’t reloaded game yet or logged off/exited game. If it does break ill come back here and post update.

Ive used the addon “JbuttonFlash” for awhile now to able to see if my macro is being spammed or not. It flashes buttons that are pressed. Using bind only function in macrotoolkit I cant tell if ive left my macro toggled or not. Dammit man! lol

EDIT: I configured “Trufigcd” addon to where I cant miss it if something is cast or fired off. Still dont lkike losing the flash functionality of jbuttonflash will probably go back to default macro window,