Disc Priest 6.0.2

First post!
The patch busted my macros, so I made a couple that feel alright for now.
Now I haven’t tested it in an atonement healing setting quite yet, I hear atonement taken a beating in WoD, But at least this is similar to what I’ve been using for the past few months.

These 2 used to be all in one button, but sadly now it has to be two. I also haven’t really decided if PoM is great now that it has a cast time.

Atonement Spam

/targetenemy [dead][noharm][noexists] /castsequence [nochanneling] reset=11 Power Word: Solace(Talent),Penance,Smite,Smite,Smite,Smite

Tank Spam (working title)

/castsequence [nochanneling][@targettarget,help]Power Word: Shield,Prayer of Mending

And this one is nice considering how often i switch my T6 Talents


/cast Cascade /cast Divine Star /cast Halo /run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("T6", G"Cascade"or G"Divine Star"or"Halo")
This one will show a question mark until you press it once

Would love some feedback!

Great Macro. Really flows well. Even tho Disc has taken a hit, I am still number 1 or 2 in raid heals. Thank you for your contribution.

Just a bit of an updated version of the same thing, pops Archangel and Divine Star for you. you can probably sub your 6th tier talent in and it should work, haven’t tried yet though.

#showtooltip Penance
/targetenemy [dead][noharm][noexists]
/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=11 Power Word: Solace(Talent),Penance,Smite,Smite,Smite,Smite
/cast [nochanneling] [talent:6/2] Divine Star
/cast [nochanneling] Archangel