Does anyone have ST/AOE 1 button macro?

Does anyone have a macro for AOE and ST which has all the dps in 1 button. I can manage the regeneration, healing etc on my own.

Would eally appriciate it.

I am using this one at the moment, it does decent dps, but the rage bar is full all the time, so it aint optimal, must be missing something.

Sequences['BearST'] = {
author="Dágda@Moon Guard",
helpTxt="Talents: 3331321",
StepFuction = GSStaticPriority,
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [@player, nostance:1] Bear Form
"/castsequence reset=combat Mangle, Thrash, Moonfire, Swipe",
"/castsequence reset=combat Thrash, Moonfire, Swipe, Mangle",
"/castsequence reset=combat Moonfire, Swipe, Mangle, Thrash",
"/castsequence reset=combat Swipe, Mangle, Thrash, Moonfire",
"/castsequence reset=combat Mangle, Thrash, Moonfire",
"/cast [combat] Rage of the Sleeper",
"/cast Mangle",
"/cast Swipe",
"/cast Mangle",
/cast [combat] Barkskin

Doing around 90-105k dps with 845 ilvl. Also i get many complaints from teammates in dungeons that i dont get aggro and i have to chase every mob 1 by 1 to get them together. Yes i am new to the game i must admit.

If i face 3 enemies and i mark the middle one and start spamming the macro button, then the middle enemy will attack me, the 2 others will attack my teammates. My growl can only make 1 enemy attack me. So anymore than 2 targets and it seems that i have to run around all over the place.

Keep an eye of mitigation. use ironfur and frenzied regen with seperate key then everything will be fine :slight_smile: I am also using DagdaMG macros.