Druid Balance Macro Shadowlands 9.0.1 - NATURE MAGIC EVERYWHERE

Why would you write a macro with modifiers? You put the Wrath power on button 1 and Starfire on Button 2. You put Starsurge on Button 3. Starfall on button 4. Then you make a burst Macro (Trinket, Incarnation, Convoke). Cast Starsuge on single target, Starfall on Multi target.

You Wrath to enter lunar eclipse and spam Starfire. Or cast 2 starfires to enter Solar Eclipse and Spam Wrath. When you want to burst you pop your burst macro and watch things melt.

Unfortunately the way Boomkins are, you have to manually cast. You cannot automate it as the macro wont know what eclipse you are in to cast the right spell.

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I understand people want an easy one button macro, and you can automate this with one button but try to keep your expectations at a minimum as your DPS will be sorely lacking.

Another example of this is the Fire mage macros. I see people saying the fire mage macros are not working well. The problem is you cant blindly use fireblast and phoenix flames. Fireblast and phoenix flames should be used strategically. Like when you’re “Heating Up” to proc “Hot Streak” for that insta Pyroblast or Flamestrike.

A fireblast when youre not “Heating up” is a waste of a charge.

I dunno…I use a 1 button on my Balance druid @197 ilvl and I’m parsing @ 95%

No54A2, which one do you use? This one?

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You have to be running that at a high MS to have it cycle through everything quick. What one are you actually using so I can compare with the 4-5 ive been testing, if you dont mind me asking.

Please do share. This community would really appreciate this.

I run mine @100ms…anything else cycles too fast and skips

Currently I’m using a modified version of Vinidoires macro and this one…they are both pretty close.

I think you could actually consolidate all of this down to either a single and multi target macro (probably best option) or lunar, solar eclipse macro. With the Lunar, solar macros you would just stop casting one when you get the other proc or what not then cast the other. what being said you could also just consolidate that into the single multi macros and then just hold shift for the opposite one because its not long between cycles is it (i dont play boomie, idk) then release shift for instance and go the other direction. you could then have your burst macro on ctrl and maybe convoke spirits on one or that could be in your burst. its a really good idea and i could probably make something like that if i knew how to play boomie.

You basically spam one spell (Starfire) in Lunar eclipse and one spell (Wrath) in Solar eclipse. Keeping starfire and moonfire dots on the target.

Then you decide:
Is it AOE? = then you Starfall
Is it Single Target? = Then you Starsurge

I guess you could put a keypress for starfall and Starsurge when you get 50 Astral power to dump astral power.

This is outside of your convoke.

obviously you don’t understand what this website is about If it doesn’t fit your standard you don’t have to use them. Because you think you are good at a class doesn’t mean you can tell other people how to play that class.

Thats not what I meant by my comments. I am explaining to Buenor how the rotation works so maybe like he offered can make an all in one macro. Notice how I suggested to “put a keypress for starfall and Starsurge when you get 50 Astral power to dump astral power.”

I myself am also trying to find a macro for Boomkin that is truly one button even asking No54A2 what he used to parse at 95%.

I use this site for other classes, (Tanking in particular as that is a priority rotation and not so much a specific button at a specific time) but when I used it for Fire Mage and Boomkin my DPS was low. Like really low for my Gear Score. Then when I did research on the rotation I saw that for those classes there are very specific things to do at certain times that a macro cant do.

I am just telling people to keep their expectations low and explained why you shouldnt expect to top dps meters with a boomkin one button macro because of the way Boomkin rotations are.

Ok, I guess I should log on my druid and see what i can do then :wink:

That sounds good. Starfall and Starsurge I think should be on keypresses (Shift, Alt) as you want to be doing starfall with multiple adds and Starsurging with a single target.

To go further into the rotation you build astral power by doing Wrath in solar eclipse or Starfire in Lunar eclipse. Once you hit 50 Astral Power you should be using Starfall (AOE) or Starsurge (Single Target) depending on the situation.

Also something to note. Once you exit one eclipse, you must enter the other eclipse. For example if you start with 2 Wraths to enter Lunar Eclipse, the only eclipse you can enter after that is Solar eclipse. You cannot enter 2 of the same eclipses back to back. You will have to swap between the two and alternate.

Again, this is when you are outside your convoke burst window waiting for convoke and Incarnation to come off coolodwn.

The biggest hurdle here would be to have the macro fire off Wrath (In Solar eclipse) and Starfire in (Lunar Eclipse). Once you figure out if that can be done, this macro would be awesome.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Vinidorie is a macro I posted. If you want to post a modified version of mine, please feel free.

How can i change icon and name On the macro It cant be done /macro :frowning: can someone help me after ive imoportet it hope some can Help

can you add convoke the spirits to this? please. i an night fae, and please post the latest updated version with convoke the spirits. sorry for asking too much. i dont have experience with macros i just paste them :slight_smile:

It won’t import for me… Not sure why, because everything else imports aokay.

Its version 9.0.1 ( pre < gse 3 ), aka old import data.

Apologies, but dont have the time to update anything atm.


all these macro suggestions are ideas from people that try to make something that THEY can use with results. That means as stated its ‘what works for you’. the great thing about this site and the shared ideas is that it does give all of us ideas of tried results. So i applaud all of the ideas from people that give us THEIR ideas of what works for them for us to try. And since i personally do not have the expertise of understanding how to write code and formularies I feel doubly blessed. thanks for your comments and plain language of the rotation outlines.


You don’t write any code when making the macros, but you probably can in the so called raw uncompiled code that you create by making the macro, within GSE.

Edit: However, it would be highly inefficient as it’s so much faster to build the macro by just clicking and writing some simple text (not code per se, as it’s basically /cast (insert ability)). The tricky part is figuring out in what order the abiities should be, and if the ability/s should be in a loop (and how many loops), repeat (and how many repeats) or just in a normal action block.

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