Druid - Cat Update

Pounce on you all! Back with more updates and trying to improve the lazy macros, this time is for cat feral druids. I used it a couple times and noticed a few lockups if changing targets. So this update is very nice because it brings a few more abilities and a better rotation. Need to refresh Faerie Fire or Mangle? Simple, just quit spamming the macro for a whole second and back again to refresh those DoT’s (only have to do this on long fights or multiple targets).
Also the lazy macro will charge the target if you are on range and also pounce if you are stealth. Would like to go into Prowl (stealth)? Just hit the lazy macro while out of combat and you got it! You can change pounce spell for Ravage, if you like to use that spell better that is (this would require to edit the first line of the macro). Other than that is just a simple 1 button spam lazy macro. *Put it also on the stealth bar if you would like to use the stealth abilities.