I have a druid tank problem.
I use this macro:

Sequences['TANK_DRUIDA'] = {
specID = 104,
author = "LNPV",
helpTxt = " Talents: 1331333",
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/use [noform]!Bear Form
"/castsequence [combat] reset=15 Moonfire",
"/cast !Mangle",
"/cast !Thrash",
"/castsequence Thrash,Swipe,Maul,Mangle",
"/cast !Pulverize",
"/cast !Ironfur",
PostMacro = [[

Bud, my druid use Survival Instincts when i start fight. I not use this skill in my sequence.

I need this free skill because it is the best of the druid tank defense skill.
I not use druidmacro, because I tested all macros placed there and realized that I have a better survival using my … I need rank again.

Can u help me?

Not trying to be mean intentionally , but this macro would be awful…

  1. Maul is useless right now unless you are off-tanking and taking 0 damage, and don’t need to pool Rage for a taunt swap.

  2. Pulverize is a big DPS loss, and equal in Survivability with Rend and Tear.

  3. Moonfire only being reset every 15 seconds would make Galactic Guardian useless, and it’s our strongest talent for Rage generation right now until it gets nerfed in 7.1…

  4. Depending on how fast this is spammed/set to repeat I can see it missing quite a few !Mangle procs, therefor wasting a lot of Rage.

  5. Unless you have them on separate buttons, there is no accounting for Frenzied Regen or Mark of Ursol usage, which is gonna hurt. A lot. But with Ironfur not being part of a ‘castsequence’ and on it’s own it will just spam as soon as Rage is available which leaves you no Rage for anything else.