Easy class with macro

Hello, I come here for a tip, I have always used macros for my melee characters because there is no cast time and it works pretty well. Here is my question, which magic and easiest class to play with a macro? Thanks in advance, and sorry I’m using google translate.

BM hunters have no cast time and they are ranged.

Which Class/spec has the best macro?

  1. Macros that works flawlessly for me would not inherently work for you unless you both play and are geared similarly to me. It is based on you, the macro you wish to use, and your character. With any sort of precision, there is no way to address this.
  2. The best response to this is the class you know how to play without a macro in fact. With this in mind, you both know what the character should do and can look at the macro and make the required changes.

Locking this as it has been asked and answered 1000 times. It is a useless question that has a meaningless answer.

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