Easy macro for swapping targets with backstab spam?

Hi all,

Just getting back into WoW and doing dungeons with my new main, a sub rogue. I’m not killing the dmg meters, which is a function of the cleave, AOE packs, etc, but when I look at the logs the primary dmg is my auto attack. What I notice is that I miss dmg because my auto isn’t nicely switching to the next mob while I’m spamming backstab.

I love the cool macros that ppl (ie John, etc) make but as I learn the class I like to control choice of finisher. What I’m looking for is a backstab macro that will switch off dead mobs and on to the next live one. Advice for the coding novice and WoW newb?


Just made this for you it will just do backstabs and target. you will have to use your own finishers.


NM… figured it out. :slight_smile: