Elemental Shaman - Easy macro help

Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to Lazymacros and I really love how it would help me avoid hand pain for spamming bolts, chains on fights as elemental shaman in cata is really simple to play, but i am really clueless how to do it.

Priority is simple - Flame shock always up, Lava burst when available, when light shield 8stacks then Eartho shock, LB as filler

For AOE - Spam chain lightning :slight_smile:

All procs, trinkets, CD’s manually

Can you send me some example where i would only change spells or guide me how to simply create it?

PS: I onyl want it for healthy reasons because spamming one spell XXX times on trash is painful and after yesterday raid I am inlined to throw this crappy game away :D:D:D

Thank you so much