Elfauy's Improved WW with Strike of the Windlord and Chi Burst

in that line… have you guys tried anything on beta? I’m curious to know if we’re going to be forced to pick up a more ‘active’ talent like Bonedust Brew or Faeline Stomp, or if maybe it is possible to pick a touch of death build, or spiritual focus + jade ignition, etc. I am too damn ansious to test builds and macros at 70 :sweat_smile:

I’m on beta, and I can tell you, Feline Stomp right now is better than Bonedust Brew. The change in beta style is that number tuning is no longer done in the alpha/beta area and is done realistically on the live servers during the maintenance cycle. If you look at this untuned, Feline Stomp out-performed Bonedust Brew but you just don’t know what is going to happen today.

The ToD build has been a very popular build on beta as well, not so much for PVE but for PVP.


mine too love this macro

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Hey all

Please stop asking for updates, we authors have a life outside of WoW and have other priorities to deal with. Many of us don’t live in our mom’s basement and have full-time jobs and families to look out for.

While that might sound like a joke, I’m being serious. I have started some updates for my Monk but it’s not ready for the public yet, it’s still testing and no I am not looking for beta testers at the moment.

My level 60 macro works fine for leveling up to 70. Please give it a couple of weeks or more, go play Midnight Suns if you haven’t touched it yet, it’s a very good turned-based RPG.

I personally will not have time this week to do many updates, just have other things on my plate that are more important. I hope everybody can understand.

As for talent updates, my suggestion is to look at Icy Veins or WoWHead.