Elfyau Modified for DF with Echoing Reprimand and Dreadblades

I changed up one thing from your macro and dps pushed to close to 20k on testing dummys. I changed the Priority list from what you had to 1 12 123 and it shot up my dps for some reason

Yea that’s due to SND, even in SL, SND was always complicated no matter who was the macro author.

Druid one I think is solid, but because Druids don’t have a SND type mechanic, Kitties are much easier to macro.

That’s really good, I’ll try that out today and if does, I’ll post an update :slight_smile: Thank you for that.

EDIT - @NoMu_Gaming Massive Improvement on DPS, I saw about 3k DPS more just by changing that on a dummy. I’ll post the update in the OP, thank you for looking into the matter :slight_smile:

Hi All

I updated the OP with the newest version that includes @NoMu_Gaming rotation updates, now DPS is even bigger.