Elfyau's 8.2.5 Brewmaster Macro

This one I am using myself but have not done anything higher than a +2 or +4 So I would really love some feedback… Criticism and praise are both welcome!!

**Edit 17/Sep/19 - Adjustments in Rotation and 2 different talent sets…

I now have 2 different macros for 2 talent sets pick your fav and go!!
Plug and Play, Running @70ms

Both have Modifier:
ALT: (@Cursor) Ring of Peace

1st: Talents: 1x13121


2nd: Talents: 1x13222


P.s. If you have a chance check out my twirch: https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau I use GSE macros on all of my toons! Also Check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/elfyau


thanks, will give this a try later today

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Please let me know how it goes!1 Cheers!

I haven’t tried this in dungeons yet, just did some dps on a dummy.
Did several 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 2 minutes sessions and think yours is a bit more bursty than the one i use. However, i can’t show the numbers for it, it all seems very random.
Yours start higher than my macro and then slows down, mine seems more stable for longer fights.

I still want to see how this goes in dungeons, but my pc is in the attic and we have another heatwave in Europe, so i can’t play there very long.

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Thanks for the feedback!! Hopefully the heatwave doesn’t last long and you get some time for some dungeons!!

Updated macro some minor adjustments to the main rotation no major changes in functionality. Hopefully better performance.

last 2 weeks i do some +9 between +13 without problems.

  • iLvl 429
  • average DPS was min. 13,5k / max. 17,5k

What MS are you running this at i’ll give it a try.

I run mine @70ms, let me know how you go!! (I am still tinkering with this macro)

I over hauled this macro with 2 different talent sets, I have timed 10’s with both so just choose the one with the talents you like!

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Can you link your AHK script?

Go to this post What is MS and how chan I change it? Answered it has my AHK script there

never tanked lol, bought a polearm, imported macro and tanked like i never done anything else.

i giggled like a lil’girl.

thanks for your work. love it. Not only this one but most of your macros.


lol thanks!! I am super glad it worked well for you! Which version did you use?

used the first, went for ox statue tho, love to chain pull :slight_smile:

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Very nice!! What key was it?

did a +7 - 0 effort, push and go :slight_smile:

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awsome i just boosted a monk to 120 with the boost i got from shadowlands
i started at il390 and can sollo kill huge pulls in nazjatar every rare mob i can kill solo to with such a low il
great macro in my opinion ty mate

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Glad you enjoy it!! I use this one alot myself!

yeah im new to tanking so this helps me a lot