Elfyau's 8.2.5 Brewmaster Macro

last 2 weeks i do some +9 between +13 without problems.

  • iLvl 429
  • average DPS was min. 13,5k / max. 17,5k

What MS are you running this at i’ll give it a try.

I run mine @70ms, let me know how you go!! (I am still tinkering with this macro)

I over hauled this macro with 2 different talent sets, I have timed 10’s with both so just choose the one with the talents you like!

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Can you link your AHK script?

Go to this post What is MS and how chan I change it? Answered it has my AHK script there

never tanked lol, bought a polearm, imported macro and tanked like i never done anything else.

i giggled like a lil’girl.

thanks for your work. love it. Not only this one but most of your macros.


lol thanks!! I am super glad it worked well for you! Which version did you use?

used the first, went for ox statue tho, love to chain pull :slight_smile:

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Very nice!! What key was it?

did a +7 - 0 effort, push and go :slight_smile:

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awsome i just boosted a monk to 120 with the boost i got from shadowlands
i started at il390 and can sollo kill huge pulls in nazjatar every rare mob i can kill solo to with such a low il
great macro in my opinion ty mate

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Glad you enjoy it!! I use this one alot myself!

yeah im new to tanking so this helps me a lot

I like it as it helps me be able to keep an eye on whats going on around me in dungeons lol

Hi Elf, new to tanking. And I wanna say thank you so much for all your work. Please keep it up, I’m always looking out for all the macros you make!

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@Jewel_Koh Thank you so much!! I will try my best to keep macro’s coming and updated for this awesome community!!



did +18 yesterday. Very good script.
Removed purify. Added one Brew. Works good for me. Added stun on shift.

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Awesome!! Super glad it is working for you! I have yet to go that high lol

share you marcro please