Elfyau's 8.2.5 Mistweaver Macro

Ok this is my Fistweaver Macro. The basics of it are as follows

When running alone or in a party just hit the key for most things, to heal hold SHIFT + Mouseover Target or nameplate to pop bubble on yourself hold ALT.

When in a raid or dungeon SET FOCUS on tank or whoever needs most healing and just hit the key, as before for healing hold SHIFT + Mouseover target or nameplate, Holding ALT will pop the bubble on your focus.

Now when testing you will see that for Raids and Dungeons I do not have Rising Sun Kick in the sequence (tab 3) this was/is because I was having mana issues. I have left the sequence with Rising Sun Kick within the maco should you choose to test it (tab 2).

Anyway let me know what you think!! I have used it in LFR, Wq’s and in keystones upto an 8+ (I plan on doing higher just haven’t had the chance…)



Hey man

This works really well! Even in BG!


Thank you m8 haven’t had any feedback on this one I used it for a while but moved onto Brewmaster. If you could let me know it’s performance that would be great!

any healbot macro?
i like your othre macros

Healbot Macro? I am not sure what you mean. Healbot is an altogether different addon

main macro is dps,i need heal

heals is on SHIFT and @mouseover nameplates

Just in case to extend Elfy’s answer,

In order for the macro to activate the healing part of it you have to hold the “SHIFT” key while pressing the macro and also your mouse has to be over the raid unitframes or single unitframe at the same time to be able to heal.

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lol, What the Master has said!! :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes I forget to explain things in detail :smiley:

And while im at it, gonna test this one as well (it helps when you multibox 5 monks :-p ).
Took out the Leg Sweep and Fortifying Brew and for some reason my trinkets never seem to proc on my mistweaver, so i had to put it in like /use 14.

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This one is looking good. It doesn’t do a lot of damage (got about 7 or 8k), but the healing is nice.
For me as a multiboxer, it’s a bit hard to also use mods, so i might take the shift and mouseover healing out and put it on a different key.

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