Elfyau's 8.2.5 Outlaw

This macro is plug and play really if a dungeon set focus to Tank. This macro runs with the slice and dice talent, AOE DPS you need to hold SHIFT.

Now I know what most of you are going to ask is “what about roll the bones” and to answer that one I am working on it, but it is being a little screwy in the GSE macro’s and not working properly. But I promise I will keep working on it and when I get a working model I will post it.


P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau All the toons you see use GSE!!!


Hey Elfyau,

Wouldn’t it be more meta to use 21X233X?

Ghostly Strike is one of the lowest talents on WC logs as well as Blinding Powder.

That’s what I started with but I kept changing things to get the most out of the macro, so this is the result of HOURS of changes and tweaks

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Thanks. I’ll stick with it and see how it pans out. :smiley:

no problem let me know how it goes and if I change anything I’ll update the macro :slight_smile:

Any ideal why I keep getting the “I need a target” “I don’t have a target” spam constantly? It still attacks my target just cant figure out why the message keeps going over and over lol

If you are in a dungeon or group when this is happening it is because you need to set your focus to the tank

No, I was just testing it out on some mobs in Zandalar solo.

is ti happening all of the time or when doing something particular?

It happens the entire time the macro is running

I haven’t heard of this problem outside of a dungeon if the focus hasn’t been set but will have a look

I just tried something, please go to the original post and grab the macro again (you can just overwrite the old one) and let me know if that works

Awesome! Thank you! Yep, that fixed whatever issue I was having, running like a champ now!

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your welcome all I did was add a condition to the focus to check it exists. :smiley: happy steal-thing!