Elfyau's 8.2.5 Resto Druid DPS/Healing Macro

Ok ok now I have you here I will admit that its not one button it is actually 2 button I am a nitpicker and the truth is that one button is for heals and the other DPS, so I believe it still is just one button :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway to the point the macro’s!!


To use this macro mouse over to place HOTS release for 1 second then move to new target and repeat. To cast Regrowth mouse over target and hold macro until Regrowth is cast. In groups or dungeons set focus to tank.

SHIFT - @Cursor casts Efflorecence
ALT - @mouseover casts Wild Growth



Simple DPS macro also contains some heals. To DPS run macro, in groups or dungeons set focus to tank.

SHIFT - Single target heals mouse over to place HOTS release for 1 second then move to new target and repeat.
ALT - casts Efflorecence



Works well thank you!

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:grinning: ty!! Would love to know more about what you are using the macro for.

Hey there, I’m new to the forum so I’m sure I’m missing something.
All I see is a bunch of gibberish, how do I translate these into a useful macro?

just hilight and copy it, then go to wow type /gs then click import and click in the box and ctrl v to paste it in. click ok and you are done!

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Have people had a lot of success with this in high keys like 15-20s?

To be totally honest i do not know as I have not gotten enough feedback, Sorry :frowning:

Hello, just a lil feedback.

I am currently only level 113 but have been using this macro for a few days running at 50ms and it seems to be working amazingly. I have not tried it in dungeons and obviously not raids yet but running around with my Hubby, who is a mage and when we combine it with the dps macro too, we are unstoppable.

I will update you with more feedback once I build up the courage to heal groups and raid content later in the game. I have to add though, I don’t use modifier keys in macros as they never seem to fire off, so I have them on seperate keys…it’s all good though. Thanks Elfie x

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The modifiers might not be working for you because of key binds, hit esc then go to the keybind section and have a look at all the actionbars you will probably find that they are bound to something in there unbind them and you should have no problem afterwards :slight_smile: thank you for the feedback I appreciate it!! Also super glad that it is working well for you!

I run my macro’s @70ms so its nice to know that people have success at different speeds. Obviously people need to adjust for different PC specs and internet speeds.

Enjoy! And keep us updated!

For anyone wondering, Just started doing M+ with this macro, and i must say that it seems to be working pretty good. I’ll post more info as i progress to higher lvls.

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works nice so far, using it to level in dungeons. it doesn’t uses the ironbark sequence for some reason… can’t figure out why, I’ve got tank set as focus

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I will have a look I may have done something wrong

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The issue solved itself for some reason lol, thanks for the great macro !

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lol, I am glad it’s working!! Have fun with it!!