Elfyau's 8.2.5 W/W Monk Macro

True one button laziness just put in and away you go. Ok not quite lol Storm, Earth, and Fire you will need on a seperate button and use when needed. Other than that away you go!!

Please provide feedback and if if possible numbers (ilvl and DPS) Cheers!!!


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man is awesome macro
works greatly for me
14k dps ILV 371
one piece from azerite armor!!!

@Roosewelt great to hear!! thanks for letting me know! Keep me updated on your progress!

great work thanks for that :smiley:

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i have a little problem Storm, earth, fire is on auto cast.
I wish to put them on another button.
I try edit the macro but wont let me…THX for the effort!

Try this one, sorry I didn’t think Storm, Earth and Fire was in the macro…


P.s don’t forget to follow me on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau all of my toons use GSE macro’s!!

I play with talent 3223232 can u put in macro the talente fist of the white tiger (THE LEVEL 45 talant in middle)

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just put:
/cast [nochanneling] Fist of the White Tiger
in both pre and post macro sections :slight_smile: let me know if you have any trouble…

P.s don’t forget to follow me on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau all of my toons use GSE macro’s!!

OK but i mean where i put? i no wanna overcap chi where u think is better put?i try /cast [nochanneling] Palmo della Tigre
/cast [nochanneling] Pugno Rotante del Drago
/cast [nochanneling] Calcio a Spazzata
/cast [nochanneling] Pugno della Tigre Bianca

but always overcapping chi

in both pre and post macro sections

Hi, tnx for the macro and the hard work that you put into them, the reason for the reply is that I can’t get it to fire off properly. The sample macro that came pre-loaded with the latest GSE works fine. I would like to ask as to what other reason the macro that you created won’t work properly.

Are you able to import it?

Yup, I tried the one a bit further down the in the comment section and it seems to be fine, tnx for the help and quick reply, take care. Oh before I forget, Please can you tell me as to what MS you use for this macro? Tnx again.

No problem :slight_smile: I run mine @70ms so start there and adjust if needed :slight_smile: let us know how you go!

I am unable to import with patch 8.2
I had this macro working in 8.1 but now seems broken. I deleted GSE and reinstalled and still I cant import.

Any ideas?

alot of people are having this issue since the last update of GSE I have put a ticket in and hoping it will be resolved soon

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Awesome and quick reply! Thanks much for your efforts and for simply replying :slight_smile:

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If you can help with any information the ticket thread is here: https://github.com/TimothyLuke/GnomeSequencer-Enhanced/issues/584

Thanks doll. I will give this a try. And thanks for following me on Twitch. I am just learning to use it. (MzBouncy)

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np!! shoot me a msg if you need any help :slight_smile: