Elfyau's 8.3 Arcane Mage Macro **Updated 24-Aug-20**

Complete overhaul of the macro, rotation and talents have changed check it out and let me know how you go!!

love it :heart_eyes:

Does it work well for you?

Yes it works nice ^^

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Ok new to this. Question. What does the ms matter? Like are you guys using something else beside GS2 that will auto press that key for you and you have to set it to that ms?

MS matters as it can affect how well the macro’s work. Because our macro’s are large it is hard to get abilities to fire off when needed or in rotation, MS is a timer of sorts of time between key presses. Most of us are using keyboard or mouse software to achieve this those of us that don’t have the software to do it use AHK (Auto Hot Key) or other equivalent software. Here is a post I made about MS a while ago that will help explain: What is MS and how can I change it? Answered (With working AHK script you can use with Modifiers)

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Thank you so much!! Come to find out my mouse DOES support this so I have created a button spam based off this and I see where I can adjust the MS!!

Thanks again so much !

Your very welcome :smiley:

Love your macros and wanted to stop by to say amazing work :+1:

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Thank you very much!! I really appreciate it!

So this was my last toon to be made… I have every other character so used by Shadowlands 120 boost to get a mage… finally hah!

This macro is spot on! Will test further and get back to u. Love it already,

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thank you Xerraphim I am looking forward to hearing how you go

  1. This macro works really well - gets me really good numbers in dungeons. The boost gets you to 390 gear - so have to run dungeons HC.

  2. I have removed evocation from the Macro- or you can waste it far too easily. It needs to be on demand.

  3. The alt mod for the Arcane barrage is a great idea

  4. The AOE on shift is really good too - and is fairly competitive with other classes.

  5. If you have the focused beam as your Azerite ability - you may want to remove this for independent use.

  6. Having Presence of Mind within the macro is likely a good idea unless ur tuning to be very select in its timings… as it’s on a 1 min CD I’m going to keep it in!

Overall love it, great work!

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Thank you for the awesome feedback Xerraphim , it has given me a few ideas as well as I am sure it’ll help out a lot of people that use this macro! Cheers mate :smiley:

what talents are you using?

Are they not listed in the macro?

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Anyone been testing this macro out in higher itlvls in 8.3?

I quick sim 54k dps as arcane and have been averaging about 45k with this macro, not perfect but not complaining.

working on an update hope it will improve things, no eta though sorry

ok, anybody using this while leveling. make couple observations.

  1. you really get the most out of the macro at level 100. cuz the talent “Time Anomoly” is great and helps with the mana staying up. before that, be alot of holding down the Alt key when your mana getting low to recharge it, with lose of dps.
  2. i would remove the “Evocation” from the macro and put it on a seperate key. it pops up a few time when you dont need it to pop up. like when you only use up 10% of the mana. put it back in after 100 or later.
    these are just what i notice and did. i’m usually top 2 on the DPS meter from doing this. Remember this is just what i did. there is nothing wrong with the macro and is 1 of the best i have ever used and did this cuz of my playstyle.
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