Elfyau's 8.3 Arms Warrior Macro

This is the first attempt at Arms Warrior. I have got it to 75-90% of the sim (it’s very proccy) for a single target and about 105% for AOE (though I think I could improve that by a lot.) I also feel it is a little rage starved so yeah ideas?

Looking for loads of feedback :smiley:

Run @70ms

TALENTS: 3123311



Talents 3123311

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.4.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Victory Rush, Charge

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Sweeping Strikes, Cleave, Colossus Smash, Execute, Whirlwind, Overpower, Mortal Strike, Slam, Skullsplitter

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charge macro is good, and i use talent 3123211 for higher DPS.


Thank you will look into that!! Cheers for the feedback :smiley:

Good Macro, thanks you

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Thank you!!! Let me know how you all go with it!

Elfyau, Thanks for all the great macros and this arms one is fantastic. One item I am noticing, Slam and Whirlwind are #1 and #2, respectively, in my Dmg meter with this macro. This creates a situation where Deep Wounds are applied to a mob when they are <50% HP. Thoughts or recommendations? Thx!

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To be honest I would have to look into it sorry, I am tinkering with ideas/ways for me to create macro’s for specs I don’t normally play. Hopefully I will get a chance to re look this macro over soon :slight_smile: cheers for the info it really helps!!

Elfyau…you rule here m8!.
Again a nice 1 button macro.
So again i thank you for youre post.
Keep it up.
Thanks. :call_me_hand: :metal: :ok_hand:

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Thank you!! Hopefully I can keep improving them :smiley:

When I import this macro, and use it my Colossal, whirlwind, and slam are being used without me holding shift because they’re all after the “;” in the cast sequences? Is this intended? If so how would you recommend I get around my war-breaker constantly being on cool-down due to this?

Thanks for the help!

I will have a look over the weekend :slight_smile:

Very good macro. Needed additional macro to capture overpower and mortal strike better. Sim 48k. My dps 45-46k. Haste is critical.



Thanks for your great work so far! I’m having same issue as lameo22. The AOE spells are being spammed without using the shift modifier. Not sure what to adjust though, but it may be related to the “;”.

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@Elfyau Could you please make a separate version of ST and AOE or let me know how I should do it? For the others ones I’m using that you have it’s pretty easy as it has the whole AOE sequence on a modifier. This is more complex and I haven’t been able to split it.


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You dont need too split the macro between AOE and ST. Arms warrior rotation naturally uses aoe in ST. the only thing you need to trigger is Sweeping strikes.

Well, it’s a bit more than that from what I see. The AOE modifier has also Colossus Smash, Cleave and Whirlwind more often. If I keep the shift modifier on it does more damage than just running it or manually adding Sweeping Strikes. I very much prefer to have separate mouse buttons assigned instead of holding down a key, but didn’t manage to replicate the shift modifier on it’s own macro

Then your dps in both situations will be sub par. Look at the rotation. You have 4 aoe spells. Bladestorm, Cleave if you talent it. You shouldnt. Warbreaker and WW. WW is part of your ST rotation. So is warbreaker. Blade storm is on a long cool down. All that leaves is sweeping strikes. Which then uses your ST rotation.

Therefore separate buttons are the same rotation your request makes no sense.

I will give you a hint. Note how you are spamming a single key continuously? How about attaching Shift/ctrl/alt to that same button???

I’m not going to argue on how the rotation works. It’s the first time I play warrior and just started.

But the logic is simple. He puts AOE there on a modifier with a reason. And it’s definitely not just sweeping strikes and cleave. Just looking at all the shift modifiers in the macro (and there are 3) you can see there are more spells.

So I had a simple question. If it is possible to split the aoe on separate magro as he has for several other macros.

And I’m the debate here

Then my time is a waste and you should choose a new toon because you wont listen.

@benica here is ST:

And here is AOE:

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