Elfyau's 8.3 Beast Master Macro **Updated 27-July-20**

Changes to the rotation, better focus usage - resulting in hopefully better overall DPS.

Plug and Play change the pet number to your pets and you are good to go. In dungeons set focus to the tank.
Both macros currently working @20ms

TALENTS:- 22?2311
SHIFT:- Hold for AOE DPS
ALT:- @cursor placement of the binding shot

Talents 22?2311

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.11.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Aspect of the Wild, Bestial Wrath

KeyPress: Revive Pet, Misdirection, Dash, Smack, Call Pet 1, Binding Shot

Main Sequence: Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath, Cobra Shot, Multi-Shot, Aspect of the Wild

Post Macro: Aspect of the Wild, Bestial Wrath

TALENTS:- 22?2311
SHIFT:- Hold for AOE DPS
ALT:- @cursor placement of the binding shot

Talents 22?2311

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.9.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Kill Command, Bestial Wrath

KeyPress: Revive Pet, Misdirection, Dash, Smack, Call Pet 1, Binding Shot

Main Sequence: Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Bestial Wrath, Cobra Shot, Multi-Shot, Aspect of the Wild

P.s. If you have a chance to check out my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau I use GSE macros on all of my toons! Also Check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/elfyau/posts


ce lance pas.

What do you mean it doesn’t launch?

Nice job making something from scratch, trying it out now. I like that you included Binding shot., tanks will love you. I would like to see some pvp talents added to BM macros too, like Viper shot (technically you could add them all, if you dont have the talent it skips right over it). But we cant use em in dungeons, so,meh.

Its nice and clean, but i would add in Azarite talents, at least Condensed Flame, and maybe make a pvp version that has Concussive Shot and possibly Tar trap.

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I do not care about the macro, ie import untranslated and if I manuallyenter the language does not save it, there is an error by chance ofimporting into game?

The macro should import either way

imports fine for me. if you new here are the steps.

Select all the brown text, open gse in wow with /gse, click IMPORT, Make sure the box that says auto create is checked, make sure you have room in your normal macros, open macros with /m, there should be a new macro with no icon (you dont want an icon, it will change depending on which spell is casting), move the new macro to your action bar, Set up an autoclicker of some kind to spam that button, between 50-200 that you have to adjust for your specific latency.

IF it has a book icon next to it in gse, or it doesnt appear in your macros, click on it and SEND it to yourself, (as if you were sending to another player) that should fix it.

If That doesn’t work, import it again, and select RENAME from the options, sometimes that helps.

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Love your macros. Any chance you could do a shadow priest macro?

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lol Hmmm a possibility maybe :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

tested your macro, I tried all these on the forum and those on thediscord hunter, currently all suffer from failing to keep up 3 stac ofbarbed shot, which results in loss of dps. could you try to improve thefuidity of the macro by also putting azerite traits, and 3 stach of barbedshot 100%?

serpione Curious m8 what is your hunters haste? and what is the cooldown on your barbed shot?

then I run macro with mouse corsair software set to 50 ms late, andoften I notice that sometimes despite barbed shot is available themacro does not use it immediately. I often also have it available for useand I miss type 1 second to finish the stack, could use it in order torefresh it and instead expires and restarts from 0 unfortunately

Try running it @70ms

like i said on the hunter discord serpione it is impossible to keep up 3 stacks with a macro if you want to do this use a MOD in the macro to fire of barbed shot you have spammed all the hunter discord channels with the same comment and not your starting on here just use the mod and fire of barbed shot manualy

you also are not use the right macro i have tryed most macros on here and hunter discord and i have no trouble keeping 2 some times 3 stacks at a push

It helps if you adjust talents and azarite abilities. Chimera shot might sim better, but if you want to automate it has to go. Alternately, if it works for YOU , and you like it, keep it and worry less about frenzy stacks.

I’m no expert, but it seems to me to get best DPS from current BFM BM hunter we mainly want 2 things, Kill Command to fire Immediately Off cooldown, and frenzy to stay at 3 stacks, that DOES NOT mean Barbed Shot should fire off cooldown.

There is also an azarite ability that will make frenzy 9 seconds long, that helps as well.

We have to compromise.
Im having no problems keeping up 2-3 stacks of frenzy running several macros posted here, including this one.

I run with Corsair software random between 62 and 85, still haven’t found the perfect sweet spot (and i dont want Blizz to know Im using a key spammer, legal or no.

Hey Adam. Please check your Mailbox :slight_smile:

posted this in the wrong place, sorry (edit)

I still havent found my damn inbox…huntard noob all the way…

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i would love to try this out but somehow i cant import any macros atm is ther any way to take a SS of Macro in gse so i can manually make it?

I am having a similar issue, did you just update GSE recently? I did and it is not importing for me either, I know it used to as I lost all my macros recently and got them back from here…

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