Elfyau's 8.3 Demo Warlock Macro **Updated 11-Aug-20**

interested in trying this has anyone done any updates or further tweaks to it that they wouldn’t mind sharing

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Why does it use the Demonic Commander so early, and not let Imps build up?

still working out the timing of it all sorry

I’m ready for the results lol

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Is this Macro Updated ?

it still works with 8.3. But hopefully I will get to an update soon

Hi buddy, it appears that this macro opens up with Shadow Bolt then keeps on casting it?

i’m not getting that issue.

What level is your Warlock?

Hi, it’s max level, 120, but that problem has gone now :slight_smile: BTW, you have Summon Felguard in the Macro, but I am not aware of any way to put that on the action bar, the Macro keeps messaging me about not being able to summon felguard

I love your macros, the only problem I have with this one is that it always summons a felguard on the first cast. This makes me slow on the first hit. Is there anyway it can look and if felguard already up skip this opener?

what kind of content are you doing that you have trouble with?

I am doing the daily quests on Uldum and Panda.

Warlocks can’t run and cast , so its stop, cast, wait for felguard, hit and if I have to move its makes for really low hit points. Doing the quests for the rep bags

how are you with editing macro’s?

Terrible. I always use prepared ones or just key punch.

If its a problem please just ignore this, I like the rest of it so much that I will work with what you already have. Just keep going, people like you make it possible for the rest of us to play when it would be a lot harder if you weren’t helping.

you could put [combat] in the summon felguard command

/cast [nopet,nochanneling] Summon Felguard
/cast [nopet,nochanneling,combat] Summon Felguard

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Updated the macro - New macro in original post! Remember I love feedback! :smiley:


Long as your not wasteing you’re time on affl, then should be fine. Lol jk. This looks great and can’t wait to play with it when I get home.

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