Elfyau's 8.3 ENHANCE Shaman Macro **Updated 21-Aug-20**

So question what build do you guys like the most in here? im tried out the pp one but its way weaker then stormstriker one ^^

if you are planning on raiding and doing decent damage you want to stay with stormstriker. it is really strong if done right, just req you to pay attention to gear and make sure you pick what is best overall for the class.
i play ENH shaman as my main and i can pull 30k+ dps, i use my macro that i have only issue i running into is it uses more maelstorm sometimes then it produces. so i have put rockbiter on my bar and i tend to press that whenever i need more.

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Yeah im just w8 to for 8.3 macro from Elfyau ^^ maby better if i kidnap his wife for a week or 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Updated original post for the updated macro - Let me know what you think!! Cheers!

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sorry to say it m8 but the dps is terrible with this one. itlvl 455 20-25k single target and 45 k burst :confused: but the rotation is going out fine and 0 hangups. :slight_smile:

back to the drawing board I guess lol thanks :smiley:

the spells are firing of but it dosent do any dmg… dunno if the combo is the issue or just shamans suck atm ^^ :smiley:

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I tried again for a couple hours tonight but just made it worse lol will have to take nother look after a break

Try this - Shift is used for healing, AOE is built into the DPS macro. Change from Sundering to Crashing Storm

dWJ3caWsvQ6TsQTHIMjuXLfnBahgYnbs)cK(gu1TLO2jO2RYUjTFe)uLsnmj43O65s1qjKbJ0WPQ6GaLttXXO05aQwOKSucYIvPOLRIhQsLNkSmvY6uPKjsvXurPjtOMUQUikmoIYZGY7uPWgjqBfiAZsKTtvP(ivLmlGW0is3vknsIQptvgTu8yQCsc46G4AsOZteReQuhhQKxtq9SJDW2fmWrqgWYbd(ogd(ASlyraP(9fyxyxwm7cWG8n8ZcgaLKGGSWxbdqMNUHRlUKwO4cqrkeeGa6NhFN6B46Qwipb8VqohqmHgYfqqwc95eQyoHc2TzqO(iki4w0j7DcfmCyj0s8dHkprag1JqdihVCbOi3HdY80nCTp2bBh7GTlG6q9VN4csQUKqRvURbPAcyuVwc1kdVm8sbbHAXJXu6ni0AL7AqQMag1RLqT4XykDWxlG6q9NqRvURbPAcyuVwc1cogEzmhm2cOou)7jUGKQlj0AL7AqQMag1RLqTGJHhCMGGqTGZugM0blDbuhQ)eATYDnivtaJ61sOmlylGTaho3poMYMFHDb7XOcNVDvlKNiXRAbC6eEvlQsGFvleYOE2vTqeV)GICh(yhSDbuhQ)eATYDnivtaJ61sOfTfXW2V4(uIqjqI65y3Vi(0VGqu3B46crhd)yEjlypgv48Vw1cHmQ31Qwi6KGICh(yhSDbuhQ)eATYDnivtaJ61sOfTfXW2V4(uIOt27JDW2fqF0Xl)uZYsi0AL3GoLBRfNiXTd(AbuhQ)eADzU4B1BmL(wc1ktwb8f2VF)IWF6eWNbFXeBbdTe)4Y74L9JE0nnaMxYQw4twcbb4hSD)(naUsage Information
Hold SHIFT to do AOE DPS
Press ALT for Healing Surge

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.3.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Feral Spirit

KeyPress: Healing Surge

Main Sequence: Rockbiter, Flametongue, Stormstrike, Lava Lash, Crash Lightning, Frostbrand

Post Macro: Feral Spirit

I had something very similar to that with the old one but a few people weren’t happy with it. But I will definitely have a look! Thank you!! :smiley:

The issue is Frostbrand it only works if you have 3 Harmonies, it does a truck load of damage but it does require the right setup. The one I had eariler still works for everything else.

So the macro works fine. but 20k dmg at 460 itlvl with 3x Harmonies :confused:

Hopefully will get to working on another rework of this soon. Thank you for the feedback

Guys, thanks for the macros. I tested the one with the Sundering and the one with the Crashing Storm, but I could not overcome ~20k DPS. My shaman’s ilvl 427, I simmed him and my DPS without buffs, bl, food, etc. only with a shield is ~27.5k. The Stormstrike should be ~29%, but it was only ~19%. I tweaked the macro with Crashing Storm a bit, added one line with a castsequence of stormstrikes and the DPS has grown to 25.5k and the Stormstrike is now 28-29% and all the other abilities practically correspond to the simulation. I am a complete newbie in macros, I can only use them ^^ but maybe this will help you.


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Thank you!!! I will have a look tonight :smiley:

Yep il give it ago this afternoon and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Hey gave it a go last night, sadly I didn’t get an improvement on my DPS but on the bright side I didn’t take a loss in DPS either. So keep up the great work look forward to seeing what else you do with it!! Don’t give up! :smiley:

What talents are you going? and what build? im at 460 itlvl around 30k + and around 65-90k burst so it boosted my dps abit :slight_smile: aoe is abit weak tough :confused:

this build: https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/enhancement-shaman-pve-dps-mythic-plus-tips but my gear is shite and ilvl low

i find that frostbrand is resetting on average at 9 seconds left on buff. anyway we can get this closer to 3-4 seconds? Also how do we get the shift key/ modifiers to work.

im currently 453 pulling about 35-40k no cds and 60k burst. Burst is kind of funking i think by doing burst myself im able to maintain the burst far much longer before fall off but it could just be my fingers not pressing one key fast enough