Elfyau's 8.3 ENHANCE Shaman Macro **Updated 6-April-20**


I am your fan, I come from China.
Come on! More updates!

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Thank you! I will do my best lukeoyo !!

Yeah Elfyau … make us happy with new high dps 1 button macro with good talent … I am waiting your reply daily and checking your reply every 1 hour … happy to see you replying.

Thanks Elfyau

Biggest problem that I am facing at this point in time is the lack of toons I do not have a Shaman to make a maco with (I have one but it’s a dedicated Resto Shaman for my guilds core mythic key group) I don’t at the have the time to level another shaman and nor do I have the money to boost one. I will try getting another shaman as soon as I am able because I have had a few requests for both the Enhance and Ele shaman’s. Sadly at this point there is no time frame on this.

Just chiming in here to say that you, sir, Elfy, do a great job on here as one of the more active macro creators. Please don’t feel pressured to make more of them or to keep people ‘happy.’ You’ve created a ton of macros already and people should feel grateful to have them. Thanks for your efforts.


Thank you for saying so!! It truly is appreciated, I am just trying my best and look forward to seeing people enjoy both my previous macros and in the future new ones!! Thanks again thx10050!

Hi again Elfyau, I want to ask you about the macro, how much the delay time ? I am using Red Dragon Gamming Essentials S101-BA keyboard and mouse. So I am trying to fix the macro and keys ( my first time doing this on mouse and keyboard ).
how much the delay for mouse repeat 20ms or 70ms …or what ?

I use 70ms myself so would suggest starting there and adjusting if necessary.

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Thanks for the fast reply, my other question is when I check my dps in your macro using ask mr robot site for simulation is say 29k normal max 34k… but when I do testing in game and over dummy it give me 16-19k …max 22-23k only …why ?

When running mrrobot do you set the sim to target dummy? Also remember a sim is perfect always getting timing right, no ping, no problems with net, no movement affixes etc etc

Hi i don’t know what i do rong but i can’t import this macro.

Sadly it hangs up for me, right in the very first attempt through the rotation. :frowning:
I do have a question though: you say start at 70ms and adjust from there. what’s the best way to adjust? try 80ms, and then 60ms and just keep beating on the same training dummy to see which maximises the dps? or is there an established method to find the best ms?

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No better method than what you suggested.

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I seem to get “Not in party” spam when im doing a dungeon?

Cannot for the life of me think what would be causing that, but will have a look at it tonight

Is it possible to get the macro in plain macro text to use without GSE ? My game doesnt run well with a lot of addons on my computer, so a plain macro would be very nice :slight_smile:

Afraid not - these macros are designed to work with GSE and i don’t think you’ll be able to get them to work without it

Thanks for replying, clip121.
Its a shame though, I thought maybe I could get the skills and the order its placed in in the macro :frowning:

I am receiving errors that “One Handed Melee weapon required” when I explicitly have a one-hand Mace (or Dagger) equipped.

What could possibly be happening?

Sorry eldorann I have no idea what could be causing this type of error. (Sorry about the late reply I missed the notification for this post) Have you got it working in the meantime?

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