Elfyau's 8.3 Feral Macro **Updated 14-Aug-20**

I doubt very much it is you, it could be a difference in stats azerite gear or the macro. I will have a look later today or tomorrow at the macro. For most this macro is good but there have been a few in the same situation as yourself so I will try and make an alternative macro.

i appreciate it, ty!!

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try this one and let me know how you go: (re-edited)


dps was at 12k, now it at 14k

Have you simmed your toon? what does raidbots get for your toon? Also does it now proc for you?


I just reedited the last macro try that and let me know how it goes

went to 15k…Elfyau, i have no idea what i’m doing wrong. :frowning:

Don’t stress m8 it’s not you, what speed are you running it at?

Hey a big Thank you Elfyau for all your macros, I’m a big fan of them and appreciate the time you put in to them. That’s all really, just thanks!


Thanks Bababooey_1964 it means alot to hear it! Thanks for your support!

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its doing the same for me…anywhere from 2-4 but never 5…using the shift modifier makes it drop 2-3.
maybe the MS has something to do with it ?? ive even added a few shreds to try and bump it up closer to 5.

Shift modifier is purely for AOE there is a different code a couple of reply’s back (scroll up) see if that works any better for you.

yes, I read that the shift was purely AOE I was just stating it was firing off at even fewer combo points than the single target.

it seems to do that for a few of you… I must get more procs or something than most…

will see what I can do

" … Goto tab1 and remove everything inside KeyRelease and let me know if that stops it … "

Can you explain this a bit better? I’m not sure where to find these settings … thanks

@papat when you open GSE, select this profile and click edit… under the name of the profile, you’ll see a tab named 1… click on it and there will be text boxes and one of them is going to be named KeyRelease (you might have to scroll down the entire window to see it) then click in the box and erase all in it! :slight_smile: good luck, hope it helps!

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thanks … I had been looking in the game’s system tab … LOL


So far i like this maco but i cant get the bps out of it i should be i think.
I ran a simms on my toon and it says i should be around 21,509 dps but i can only get around 12k.
am i doing something wrong or what i am ilvl 401 plz help