Elfyau's 8.3 Feral Macro **Updated 2-Jun-20**

Things haven’t changed too much, but this little guy works great! I know I know most of you want Brutal Slash, but I just cannot at this point get it to work properly within the macro. So here is what I have!

Run @70ms
TALENTS:- 2?1?132
ALT: Mighty Bash

(Side note - if the macro doesn’t appear to be doing anything when swapping from ST to AOE (or visa versa) Hold or release (respectively) SHIFT until you have a combo point.)

Talents 2?1?132

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.8.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Swipe, Rip, Primal Wrath, Heart Essence, Shred

KeyPress: Mighty Bash, Cat Form

Main Sequence: Swipe, Primal Wrath, Rake, Thrash, Shred, Survival Instincts, Ferocious Bite, Berserk, Tiger’s Fury

KeyRelease: Regrowth

Please provide feedback, suggestions, and if possible numbers (ilvl, DPS, etc) Many thanks!

P.s. If you have a chance to check out my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau I use GSE macros on all of my toons! Also Check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/elfyau/posts


Just looking over it for a few minutes on a test dummy I do have some issues with it.

I do like the idea and the setup that you have with it being an all in one macro. That being said, on the aoe part, thrash is cast too often. It’s damage compared to Swipe isn’t worth the amount that it is cast. And you only have 2 abilities used before using your finisher. I’ll make a few tweaks myself and post my idea a little later.

And same for the single target where Rake is concerned…imo it is cast too often. Shred has much more value, Rake is there for the tick/bleed.

(wife is calling me) I’ll post more later.

@Spitz Thanks for the awesome feedback. Your suggestions worked well for AOE DPS went up by 1-4k, However for single target (and I messed around for 4 hours trying) I took your suggestion and tried but and don’t get me wrong I think you are right but for whatever reason what I have ALWAYS held 1-4k more DPS than anything I tried for ST. Let me know if you have any luck. I have edited OP for the changes.

says im in shapeshift form

@richard Thnx I will look into it in the morning and get back to you!

@richard I had a lok mine is not showing that message though I believe I have seen it before… are you getting it all the time?

I’m getting the same message that says I’m in shapeshift form and it causes the macro not to fire off at all

@Varothen, @richard Goto tab1 and remove everything inside KeyRelease and let me know if that stops it

I did as you suggested and the macro works beautifully.

I get the same you are in shapeshift only when holding down shift for AOE. I removed the key release box and it does not give that error but it doesn’t do anything at all then while holding shift. Any ideas?

@Justin Faulk yes this is an easy fix m8 while in game hit ESC -> Key Bindings -> Action Bar then scroll down until you see Action Page 1-6 then unbind those :slight_smile:

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Sir, best feral druid macro I’ve ever used hands down. With 403ilvl and considerably low criticals at 21% I pulled 14K dps single target sustained. AOE I saw it spike to 70K at one point then 30-40K sustained with my haste at 32%. Very well designed macro imo it works well. This was done in a Mythic level 6 key.

Tyvm @Zulraptor let me know if it continues to work the higher you go!!

I will be doing a mythic level 9 key shortly and shall post results.

Sweet as tyvm :slight_smile:

Hey man,

Really good macro, I am always editing macros to make them true 1 button but I haven’t had to touch anything in this one, going to try your monk one next because I spent a couple hours trying to redo mine and get it flowing, keep up the good work!

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Thanks grant-schultz :slight_smile:

Hey, what AHK do you recommend for your macro to be spammed at?

try running it @70ms first and work from there I personally use 70 but have found it can be different system to system

Hi been getting 10k dps consistent on a reg dummy for 10m. critical hits 40k reg target dummy and 50k on pvp dummies. Speed 70 with a Logitech . Going to see how I do with Against overwhelming odds quest killing 25 120s world pvp. my iteam level in 385. 49% mastery.

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