Elfyau's 8.3 Frost DK Macro **Updated 20-July-20**

The speed is controlled by an outside source such as your mouse/keyboard software or programs like AHK (Auto Hot Key)

hello impossible to import.
must put it in orange

Ok, j’ai fait un petit ajustement en ajoutant un effacement supplémentaire à la séquence de cast pour en faire un total de 3 mais aussi placer l’essence du cœur dans la macro pré ainsi qu’au bas de la séquence principale, en moyenne 45k après plusieurs combats de 3 à 5 minutes sur un mannequin cible singulier.

dStYcaWssK3kOTjGzsIA2O4XO6MaPFrP (gk5WkTti2RQDtSFe) eGAyKQFJ0avizOaXGHA4KqhubPNPahJQoUcHfcGwkjyXOuSCfDpa4PGwMepNkteLQPsrtgqMUOlQq0PL0LL6DkOSra1wvi1MbiBxbvJJuAwKKplutds3gOwNcLrtH7kKtQq1zvqCnsQZlqxNuCok51Ou67V5r8hosLbgyfam0CiSR0rk38qZLPL0D4aFzG3xoK9gqRgM8i (dbD5t6O7PRsf3npI) MhXFOnFDjbhkuUXksZuL4ic2BfGfl9Juo0MVU01Jqtl8MGdbtbAmNrfqPkcwOCJvKMPkXre8SDDcaofmB2KGjyulVwuveCrNvzG (WiycE2UobaNcMnBsWemQLxlQkcg1sVORIGrT0l6Qiyul9I (rgCOnFDjbhkuUXksZuL4ic2BfGfl9JGEOnFDjbhkuUXksZuL4icg1YJo4iQp0MVUKGdfk3yfPzQsCebxScu01EOYuQIkxbxZd9hQuhuHMPxxFZNhcZwrG1i8SsLdbzwPZAg8qL6GGmBN7MhXFODUZ4oBPbhKGdfQXobhDKYH281LeCiykqJTmPkHYnwrAMQehrWOQvxqFEiiZg0LpP38i (dT5Rlj4qHYnwrAMQehrWQ9fw (Juo0MVUKGlwbk6AFEiiuxc6YN0BEe) H281LeCOq5gRintvIJiyuwQdO9iLdT5Rlj4qHYnwrAMQehrWOwETOpF (8qOInFC2psrT) WHQjnOZdnRcB7zdusPYOaEsDjyQMP0hQqVabyHj4b4HGUIMLzCj75WBjRu5a85ZFa

muy buenas puedes actualizarlo para equipo 470 si es posibloe sin molestar

can someone translate this? like to help if he needs it.

very good you can update it for 470 equipment if it is possible without disturbing


I will be working on an update soon!!

thank you for doing this.

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I’ve been meaning to throw feedback on this Elf, really good work.

My gear is around 470, depending on what corruptions I run.
My patchwerk sim is 81k, my hectic add cleave sim is 138k

When I look at what I parse, to what I see in raids, I’m guessing I’m 80% there.


I have lots of work still on being better but it’s made me a better player where I can pay attention
more to mechanics and interrupts. I typically run sdps spec on weeks like this in M+ with tyranical, and go balls out aoe on other weeks.

I’ve also been making the Mythic team (don’t look at those scores, they’re a work in progress). Thanks again brother!

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Your very welcome!! Thanks for the awesome feedback!! (btw i am working on an update for this one too!) :wink:

I’ll be the first to use it and give feedback, thanks man!

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Hi there , I only can get 34k single target dps with the macro, I am 465 with not many corruption gear. I don’t know what am I doing wrong. I am basically spamming the macro which is in my key binding “2” Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance !

I am still working on the update for this macro, but meanwhile check out this post it may help with the spamming to get better timing: What is MS and how can I change it? Answered (With working AHK script you can use with Modifiers)

Thanks! GL with the update!

your welcome I hope it helps :smiley:

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AHK definitely helped my hand but it still stays around 35k stabil in single target dps. it goes up to 50k stabil for quite sometime. Granted the simulation gives 40k for single target dps as well. I gotta get better suited gear too I guess.

Hopefully will see some better number with better gear and the update (should have it up on monday)

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incoming update PogChamp!

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Updated macro - overhaul of rotation, talent changes and change of MS speed. New macro in original post.

Hey, i just tested your macro on my 467 frost death knight and i seem to be able to hold 50k-60k dps ST and AOE like 100k-130k… its way better than the last one which i would only be able to hold 30k dps … but i was also wondering is there a way you can incorporate " Frost Scythe " with the macro?

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will have a look and get back to you

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