Elfyau's 8.3 Frost DK Macro

The first attempt at the Frost DK not at all happy with the ST DPS but the AOE is brilliant. It is plug and play, feedback appreciated!

Run @70ms



ALT: Death Strike

TALENTS: 3123112

Talents 3123112

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.3.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Reaping Flames, Pillar of Frost

KeyPress: Death Strike

Main Sequence: Frostscythe, Howling Blast, Obliterate, Remorseless Winter, Frost Strike

Post Macro: Howling Blast, Empower Rune Weapon

P.s. If you have a chance to check out my twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/elfyau I use GSE macros on all of my toons! Also Check out my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/elfyau/posts


try this im averaging 43k single target as 447 with your current talents without any major dps dealing corruption. my current corruptions are 3% increased crit dmg, low level void ritual and crit hits increase crit rating by 41 stacking 5 times. Just trying to provide all i can


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the only other thing ive thought about doing was changing out death strike to Chains of ice

Ok i did a little tweaking in adding an additional obliterate to the castsequence to make it a total of 3 but also place heart essence in Pre macro as well as at the bottom of the main sequence, im averaging 45k after multiple 3 to 5 minute fights on a singular target dummy .


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Will test this out when I get a chance, awesome work :smiley: will let you know when I test it.

Ok I tested it it made little difference to my DPS (possibly a slight drop) but in saying that I am not geared nor do I have any corrupted gear or essences lol But none the less great work and I am glad you are getting some good results!

It’s awsome, i use ur macros on all my toons, love them… Except on my Rogue.

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lol thank you!! Don’t like my rogue macros?

Havent tested if u resently changed, i found out if u use a roll the bones macro, i just remove roll from macro, and use it manually, then i get like 8-12k more dps. The one from usmcguy works best for me…

But tested, if i mainly use sinister, pistol shot as build, roll the bones first, then between the eyes on CD, rest dispatch… its a easy 5 button roll (even for me) then i do like 40-45k dps while with macro around 28-37k on singel targets… so i found out, easiest to do with macro is roll the bones and dispatch out of macro (even pistol shot i have on easy button for procs). then i spam those when needed…

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Not sure why, i"m running a lvl 101 DK on this but the Frostscythe part of the macro isnt happening. I use your macros on other classes but don’t know anything about modifying these though to see what wrong…any ideas?

To be honest I have no idea at the moment, but I will have a look in to this soon :smiley:

you have to hold down SHIFT key while using the macro to get FS to work.

if shift is not working go into your key-bindings and un-bind everything with shift.

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I tried this macro version and is hesitates at Remorseless Winter due to the 20 sec cooldown. I tried to modify it and it says I can’t save any changes because it is locked? I didn’t know a macro could be locked. Yesterday I was hitting 18-20k and today after the restart I am only popping 9.4k! I don’t know what changed but something went screwy.

Macros can be exported as read-only but in this case, I have not done that, ALL my macros are editable. I have no clue as to why you cannot change things. Maybe try re-importing the macro?

Are you by chance testing on the dummies in Ebon Hold? I was testing for a bit, and i couldn’t save any changes, struggled for an hour or so…then i realized there is a tanking dummy in the center of that dummy pit and it always picks up aggro and you have to run far away to get out of combat…

As far as the macro lock up…it seems that only the button appears that way, at least for me…but my char doesnt stop and just stand there

turns out my shift key was broken…now have a brand spankin new Ornata chroma…

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lol probs was a good reason to get a new one too lol So everything working fine now?

Seems to take a second to change to the next ability when spamming the macro?

what speed are you running it at?

Not sure, just copy and pasted the macro. Where do I change speed?