Elfyau's 8.3 Frost Mage Macro

Ok here is my first ever Frost Mage macro, now I am not familiar with this spec at all I did a lot of reading and research. I hope this is a decent maco but as it is not a spec I know I can only hope for some feedback to improve it :smiley: Cheers and thanks!!

Run @70ms

SHIFT: @cursor Blizzard
ALT: Frozen Orb

Talents 1313123

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.2.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Icy Veins, Glacial Spike, Ebonbolt

KeyPress: Blizzard, Frozen Orb

Main Sequence: Glacial Spike, Heart Essence, Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Flurry, Ice Barrier

Post Macro: Glacial Spike

Feedback welcome with ilvl, stats and figures!! Suggestions also welcome :slight_smile:

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Hey Elfyau,

Thanks for all the macros you write on this site. I haven’t commented on any others because I usually main a mage, so when this one came out, I had to weigh in :slight_smile:

So I have been using Vulkan’s Frost Macro and it’s been running great. I autocast Blizzard at cursor and auto-fire Frozen Orb as part of the main macro. My gear is ilvl 425.

With Vulkan’s macro: Burst 30k to start the fight, level off to 22k
With yours: Didn’t really see a burst when I started, level to about 20k

I notice that when I throw out the Frozen Orb, I sustain around 22k, without Orb hitting and proccing my Ice Lance, I sustain around 19k.

So Vulkan’s seems better for me at this time, and with the gear I have. I do notice your macro does pause at certain points, but only for a moment. Vulkan’s talents are 2313113.

Also to note, I wasn’t firing off Blizzard manually during my testing which could skew my results. I might modify your macro with auto-cast Orb and Blizz weaved in and see if that gets me better results than Vulkan’s. That would be much closer to a 1:1 comparison.

Also, for selfish reasons, I hope you update your Arcade macro to 8.3, Arcane is doing insane damage this patch :slightly_smiling_face:

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matt1 thank you for the feedback. I am making a few tweaks atm, though blizzard and Frozen Orb will not be on auto-cast. But I do get why you may want them in - so if you are ok to edit the macro I would put blizzard in line 1 of the main sequence and I would place Frozen Ord into the pre macro section (doesn’t matter which line). Hopefully will get back to the Arcane but it should still be viable at this point in time as there were no real changes to how Arcane Mages work.

No worries Elf, and yes I am fine editing macros. If you tweak and make a new version I’m happy to test and report my results.

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What is the reason for having Flurry in the main macro section? You don’t want to hard cast it due to it’s super long cast time.

Hi there, I am very new to using macros and one problem I am having with the above macro is that it will not run continuously when I hold down the button, could you advise me on anything I might be doing wrong, oh and one thing I think it might be is the MS setting? This is something I nothing about or how to set it up, so once again, help would be appreciated. Thank you.

The MS should be @70ms, are you using any software to run the macro? keyboard or mouse software? AHK?

No sir, I know nothing about these macros, how do I set at 70MS? The macro works if I keep pressing it and letting it go, but sometimes it says you can’t do that.

First you need the GSE ( Gnome Sequencer ) addon, then use an automated key press like AHK or mouse software to make a macro that presses a key or hit the key repetitively , but that does not give good results

I have GSE, but are not automated key pressers a bannable offence?

not if you have a physical action attached to it like holding down a key, if you used it to say automate spam chatting in trade or fishing then yes. but for a key repeat action it is ok.

Ok that’s fine, thank you. Thing is, I still haven’t got an answer of how to set my MS, I just don’t have a clue how to do that.

@Internomad if you look in the section of the forum called “How To’s” you will find a lot of information. Here’s a link to the post relating to your question.


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