Elfyau's 8.3 Outlaw Rogue **Updated 18-April-20**

Hey Elfyau,

Wouldn’t it be more meta to use 21X233X?

Ghostly Strike is one of the lowest talents on WC logs as well as Blinding Powder.

That’s what I started with but I kept changing things to get the most out of the macro, so this is the result of HOURS of changes and tweaks

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Thanks. I’ll stick with it and see how it pans out. :smiley:

no problem let me know how it goes and if I change anything I’ll update the macro :slight_smile:

Any ideal why I keep getting the “I need a target” “I don’t have a target” spam constantly? It still attacks my target just cant figure out why the message keeps going over and over lol

If you are in a dungeon or group when this is happening it is because you need to set your focus to the tank

No, I was just testing it out on some mobs in Zandalar solo.

is ti happening all of the time or when doing something particular?

It happens the entire time the macro is running

I haven’t heard of this problem outside of a dungeon if the focus hasn’t been set but will have a look

I just tried something, please go to the original post and grab the macro again (you can just overwrite the old one) and let me know if that works

Awesome! Thank you! Yep, that fixed whatever issue I was having, running like a champ now!

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your welcome all I did was add a condition to the focus to check it exists. :smiley: happy steal-thing!


first at all I guess this macro is up-to-date for 8.3? Xd And what MS you firin’ it?

kind regards

I have yet to test it fully (I have been very ill for the last week and a bit) but it should be fine for 8.3 will test it soon. And running speed is 70ms :smiley: Let me know how you go :smiley:

~GS400 / 18.674 sim DPS via Raidbots / got ~14-15k @70ms on training dummy / falling down after a few minutes from 14k to 9-10k, no clue why /shrug / prolly gonna create a second macro for Multi targets xd always holding shift is kinda stressfull lmao

Edit: got round about 30-35MS ping to WoW // using Razer Synapse press key 1 -> key placeholder for 0,07s -> key release


@Elfyau I’ve took your macro and changed the talents. New post has been made :stuck_out_tongue: Getting way more damage ^^

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new post? on this thread?

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Hi Elfyau,
I’ve got a low lvl Rogue 386, Got very low lvl rings and trinkets.
I’ve just sim’ed it, Dummy and no pots etc for 5 minuets.
I am very happy with the results your macro give’s me.
Keep up the good work.
Item Level, 386
Sim say’s = 15,760
My test…= 14.2k (after 5 min’s)
My Stats = Crit, 23%-- Haste, 16%-- Mastery, 24%— Versa, 2%
Regards Dave,

starlord2 starlord3

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Thanks for the awesome feedback david-hunt!, Hopefully, I improve that when I get a chance to update the macro.

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