Elfyau's 8.3 Resto Druid DPS/Healing Macro **Updated 17-Jul-20**

I’m finding that in a dungeon it’s spamming rejuvenation opposed to getting the regrowth going, it might be a macro speed or gear issue for though, I’m going try different speeds and see if it helps.

I’ve just boosted a toon it might be cause I’m missing Heart essence or something

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Let me know how you go with it

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Also what’s your thoughts on cat weaving for mythics would I be better getting a different dps setup for that.
I’ve not played in ages and am unsure if cat weaving is worth it for mythics or if ranged spells are better

I personally go with ranged spells myself I would have to look into the cat weaving thing

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I’m not sure if it’s meta I just seen a few videos mentioning it and was wondering if it is indeed the norm for mythics, tbh I’d prefer spell casting anyway

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I was running this tonight at level 100-101 in dungeons and I had the weirdest thing happen and I’m not sure if it’s related to GSE or not but my action bars essentially locked up as did my healbot. I couldn’t click any spells on my action bars, I was just curious if anyone has come across this problem before. It’s possible that GSE didn’t cause this issue and it was something else but I figured I’d ask.

to be honest I don’t know sorry I haven’t heard of it before, is it still doing it?

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It happened intermittently. I’m not sure what the deal was, very odd!

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@Elfyau so I did some searching and it looks like others have had this issue as well. Like I said, my toon is around 100, so not max level. It looks like the macro is getting caught on the Heart of Essence line, so you have to remove it in order to get it to work again and prevent the UI lockup. That’s what’s mentioned here:


I’m going to give it a whirl and see what happens. Very odd since it only works on some macros and not others. Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

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oh my lordy lol that one I did know about, I am sorry. I didn’t even think about it lol

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Hi, Elfyau. Could you plz post your DPS macro once again. It doesnt work for me. May be missing some letters. Thanks.

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Will message you a bit later when I get on with it :slight_smile:

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just made my druid into a healer. had a couple of easy runs, so instead of standing there, i used the dps macro you have, and went great. no hangups or anything. easy transition from dps to healing when i did need to heal. even got up the dps board a lil from using it. (but that was we had a fire mage that didnt cast or was having issues with his toon)
unless Elf updated, it seems to work

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I’m receiving “null” at the end of the first /castsequence line in Sequence tab:

/castsequence reset=target Sunfire, Moonfire, null
/castsequence reset=combat Solar Wrath, Solar Wrath, Solar Wrath, Moonfire, Sunfire, Lifebloom

Any idea why it would import like this? The healing version works amazing. Thanks again for all of the profiles you’ve released. None of us would be playing like we do without you.

null is supposed to be there to hold up that particular line of code

Hey Elfyau, first of all thx alot for all youre work, i do run all youre stuff on my toons works so great.
there is just 1 thing i would like to remove and that is on my dudu it it using my innervate, and i cant see to find it so i manuel use it. Cen and will u help me out on that :wink:

Np!! Open up the resto heals macro, go to Tab 2 it is in the Onkeyrelease section:



Omg… i just had to scroll down… BOMMER…!!!

O well thx alot :wink:
This makes me abel to play wow again, cos i have a illness that fokkes my fingers so whit youre work i can almost play as the good old days :wink:

Carry on youre damn good work m8 Cos i sure am happy for it.


Thank you very much!! I hope to keep it going for a while yet! Super glad you still get to play! :smiley:

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Updated macro in original post, slight talent changes and rotation, please let me know what you think! Cheers!

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