Elfyau's 8.3 SUB Rogue Macro **UPDATED 22-feb-20**

Rework of the SUB rogue adjustments to the main sequence and a few talents changes. Otherwise, though it will work the same as the old one. Feedback, of course, is appreciated!

Run @70ms

ST: just use the macro!

When in a group or dungeon make sure to set focus to the tank (for Tricks of the Trade)

Talents 2321232

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.3.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Backstab, Secret Technique, Heart Essence, Shadowstep

KeyPress: Stealth, Cheap Shot, Shadow Dance, Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Secret Technique, Crimson Vial, Eviscerate, Shuriken Storm, Symbols of Death, Shadow Blades, Nightblade, Shadow Dance, Backstab, Shadowstrike

Post Macro: Secret Technique, Evasion

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I have tested the macro and it keeps getting hung up or stopped on Shadowstep. Just thought I would bring this up so maybe you could fix it. Good macro btw.

I have rechecked the macro and it seems to working for me. I might suggest that maybe you have a trinket that requires placement in the macro uncheck trinkets and check if that works if it does not then you may have an outdated addon that is conflicting with GSE

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How fast did u use this macro? (ms)

I run this macro @70ms so start there and adjust as required

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Any updates for this

Lmfao are you watching me or something? I just grabbed this macro again last night so hopefully, soon there may be one :smiley:

Lol nope but that is pretty hilarious

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Thanks. I will wait with pleasure as well some update

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Currently using your older st and aoe macro til we get your updated version lol

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any updates ? macro spend all Shadow Dance to fast :frowning:

Ok finally updated this macro. Hopefully, people will see an improvement. Changed up the rotation slightly and some talent changes. I also tried to address the issue you pointed out nefrit.


When I try to hold SHIFT for AOE, nothing happens. I don’t have any keybinds set to shift. I don’t seem to have a problem with other classes and their modifier use.

@juan-valdovinos Use the option in GSE to clear keybindings of modifiers. Should work after that.

@Firefast I did that before and nothing happened. tried it again and the same.

When I hold down the shift, it pauses the macro until i release it and then it goes back to the normal macro rotation.

I tried a different macro from this Sub section that had mods and they worked just fine for me. Maybe something isnt written right in the updated version.

Sounds weird though.
Unfortunately I don’t have a rogue to test it either for you.

Tried deleting it and re-importing it aswell?

Anyone messed with this combat is boring feeling like I’m on the short bus with that role

Anyone else tested this? or having trouble with the SHIFT working?

I have not been melting faces with my warlock but if you happen to get a moment to tweak it I won’t fight you on it lol

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