Elfyau's 8.3 Unholy DK Macro **Update 15-April-20**

An update is coming soon

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how can i modify the macro as it has only 2 lines for death coils. shall i remove one?

i want more death strikes so i can use it in pvp.

look forward to trying UH. ive been using a lot of your other class macros. love the work

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Tnx for the macro, love it.
But I’m having an issue where I aggro mobs in m+ with it sometimes, even when not having any focus, i’ve already deleted the /tagert noharm part.
Is there a way to stop executing macro when there is no target as I don’t have start stop macro on keyboard, I can only loop it, so my macro is a loop of 100 presses then it stops and I press macro key again.
Also tried to add every where instead of noharm, just harm parameter; still agroing from time to time, might be pets?

what are you using to run the macro?

I’m using keyboard macro but it does not have start stop button, only able to start macro
So what i have is
key press down
wait 20ms
key press up
wait 20 ms

repeat above loop 100 times

so in combat I’m just targeting mobs/boss and hit my run macro key bound to capslock :slight_smile:

Is there no way to have it only run until the button is released? If not then I would probably suggest using AHK.
Also run the macro @70ms (70 up then 70 down)

Thanks I was also thinking of just make some c# or just ahk script for this purpose.
The only issue is that i have is that when no target it auto “picks” a target, ive been reading some posts that this is by design now in wow client it self. if you pres some ability that requires a target it will just select nearby target and cast it on it e.g spell Death Coil.

So question to other ppl who use this macro in m+ runs, how are you not agroing other stuff you supposed not to agrro :slight_smile:

Usually by targeting first or by facing the target you want next as (usually) it’ll pick that one

Found a good option in GSE it self, in global options you have require target to use; now it’s working like a charm!


So this macro doesnt Death Strike to heal? We gotta hit that separately?

it has 1 deathstrike in the rotation but if you hold shift down there will be 3 in the rotation.

Ok so hold shift down and keep hitting the button then? And that changes the rotation up? Or just hold shift and hit the button once for death strike?

I am sooo sooo new to this idea. I just discovered AHK too, but not yet sure how to use that, learning now.

Hold shift while spamming your button


thank you. Am I correct in that I am to use my finger to mash the button? I keep seeing things that say “ran at 40ms” or something and I am guessing that means I can program it to my programmable extra keys on my keyboard but cant find a straightforward video or anything that tells me what to do with it. If you have a link or can help in game, I would love that.

Exactly what keyboard do you have? I might be able to find something for you.

I am on an HP Omen laptop, model is: 17-an0xx

If that helps

I hope this is right but this is basically what you are needing to do (I don’t know if your laptop supports it, but I hope so!!) Check this video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHRiI35bBSQ

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that was helpful but it still doesnt really cover how to get the above into into that macro, it only covers how to record the macro myself. I would like the macro YOU wrote to work on my P1 key, for example. Then I need to know if i need to keep pushing the button or if I just push it once and it runs… and then what shuts it off etc.

I know I sound like an idiot, but all I know is mashing buttons in an order with my fingers. Now I have a broken hand that cant mash them :frowning:

use that video and assign a key (i.e 1 or 3 to the keyboard macro) then put the macro on same number on your action bar in game

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