Elfyau's AOE/ST Fury Warror

Really simple to use just plug and play!! One macro for ST and one for AOE


AOE *Edit: 21-Jul-2019

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Made an account just to comment and thank you for this. Awesome work, man!

I did have 2 issues I wanted to ask about.

1, I have noticed that when I use the macro (AOE), and I am not next to the mob, it will charge to the mob, but Dragon’s Roar triggers before my character actually reaches the mob. So Dragon’s Roar will miss unless I’m standing right next to the mob when I start the macro. I am wondering if there is a way to build Dragon’s Roar into the macro in such a way that it won’t activate until after my character has reached the mob? My solution for now is to remove charge from the macro or to only activate the macro when I’m already next to the mobs.

2, I am also using this macro for PVP and it seems to work quite well. However, I tend to the take the Battle Trance talent, which requires you to use 2 Raging Blows back-to-back in order for it to activate. Right now it will activate every now and then, but very rarely. I’m wondering if there is a way to build a double Raging Blow combo into the macro so that Battle Trance will proc? It’s a very powerful buff and helps with healing and damage output.

As an aside - I wanted to say that I found the DPS from both the ST and AOE macros to be great and not very different. In fact, the difference in DPS is so small, even on ST, that I have decided to roll with the AOE macro only. It still does great vs. ST from what I’ve seen.

Thanks again!

Hi thanx for the feedback and welcome to the community :slight_smile: , on point number one I am working on that kink in the 2 button macro - I have a one button version here in the one button version I use the macro to start or enter combat then hold SHIFT to do AOE (Dragon Roar included).

As for point 2 I will have to look into that as I don’t PVP no promises but I will try and have a look :slight_smile:

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if you put something really simple, even a ‘pummel’ between charge and dragon’s roar, it will proceed from charge to roar only if pummel is cast

(pummel not on GCD ithink right ?)

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It may it really depends on the timing of the macro and how fast it cycles through. I will test it tomorrow thank you for the suggestion!!

Have made a change to the AOE version people should now charge in before Dragon’s Roar goes off :slight_smile: Feedback appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hi there,

Anyone had the issue of the character getting stuck in strafe? If i use the macro my character gets stuck in strafe and i can no longer use my mouse to turn the screen.

Love the macros btw, keep it up.


I had this issue once with my Blood DK it turned out for me at least that it was a use on location trinket to check go into your macro and edit look to the right and make sure that the trinkets are unchecked, see if that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, i will do that!

no problem :slight_smile: I hope it is as simple as that for you :slight_smile:

Great Macro. Thank You Sir.

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It was exactly that, thank you very much.

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Another thing, how do you change the MS for the macros?

that would depend on what you are using to run the macro, are you just tapping the key? using AHK? or are you using mouse or keyboard software?

Basicly just pressing the button :slightly_smiling_face:

lol ok then m8 they way you would be changing MS is to press the button faster or slower :slight_smile: But do a search on this site for AHK (Auto Hot Key) if you run into trouble let me know

Do you have any macros for Arms Warrior. I am not getting good DPS with what I am using for Arms right now. Any help will be great. Thanks in advance.

I don’t yet when i get some of my other macro’s done I will have a look at it

Can you insert 2 skills after the bloodthirsty skills?

excellent macro , shift is hard to use without audible alert so love this :slight_smile:

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