Elfyau's DF v1.1 Havoc Demon Hunter **Updated 26-Jan-23**

Yes in game, hit ESC then go to keybinds

This is great but is there an updated talents list? I’m at level 67 and have 3 DH points left and 4 havoc points and no clue where to spend them.

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@paladin62 I made this macro for pre-patch - from LVL 60 please use what you feel best until I get my tons leveled and the macro updated :slight_smile: Cheers

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Just leveling now. Any timing on a 70 variant? Love it

Not working for me, it seems to rotate the icons on the macro, but never casts anything. What am I doing wrong?

Check out this post and see if it helps: GSE Cycling but not casting

The /console line made it work for me. Thanks.

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Anyone using at 70? Successfully?

@Elfyau Would you say this is useable for ST & AOE encounters? Is it up to date for level 70 gameplay? Thank you!

It is not 70. all his macros are 60 right now.

@Siodar Will this macro still work well at 70? Has any tested or tweaked it that may share?

hopefully someone is using it and is 70. i havnt gotten there yet as this class is on my alt side. so not playing with it other than testing macros. pretty much everybody who makes mulitple macros like Elf, are not to 70 yet on any class, cuz they want to get a starter (60) macro out first for all classes/specs before actually leveling up their fav class(s) first. we have to rely on others and Wowhead/Icyveins for out talents past 60.

I am using it at 70 with Icy Veins build, not working very good, as it lacks some of the talents and there are many new habilities involved. Better wait until a lvl 70 macro comes.

@Stuka & @Siodar I would assume if we used this macro and added an extra line or two for the talents from 62-70 then this macro would still be sufficient, right? 62-70 doesn’t really add any actives. I could be wrong though. Have either of you looked into this more?

@Elfyau Any idea when we will have a level 70 revision :)! Your the best!

Can we let the creators enjoy the xpac just like us and give them a few weeks before nagging? They are people who prob are gear themselves for raid and m+ and other activities too.


as far as i can tell, that should work just fine. what i have been doing with other macros as i been leveling up.

Ive been on 70 for some time using the Molak macro for preflight. its the only one so far works well but its not efficient.

I this one up to date yet?


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Hey man, you are absolutely correct. It’s still usable although it needs a tweak here and there, but its usuable.

Can i report you to yourself for abusive behaviour? Does Lutechi know you are bullying people on here. You seem to pick on a lot of people from going through your posts, im not the only one you owe and apology to, your attitude leaves a lot to be desired for your lofty position of moderator.

i was MORE than polite, made a statement and asked an innocuous question.

This is a public forum for asking questions to macro creators about their macros? :confused:

If this forum is not for asking questions/giving feedback then what is its purpose?

If you want to bully me some more then go ahead, Ive got very thick skin and it just makes you look foolish