Elfyau's DF v1.1 Havoc Demon Hunter **Updated 26-Jan-23**

Check to make sure your trinkets are turned off int he macro that might be the issue

what build are you using?. noticed theres no eye beam even on mods

Trust me Eye Beam is in there (though not on a mod) so if it isn’t being used then something must be stopping it before or mid-cast - check your trinkets first.

Eye Beam is in the macro and it does go off, so what Elf says is a good place to start.

apologies did not see it in the sequence with essence break, i just got use to it being on mod from the past. ty

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@Alderion_1324 glad you found it - is it going off though?

honestly no, granted i am only 66 but i picked essence break to test it as well as uncheck both trinket boxes and it does not even cast, it cast essence break everytime but no eye beam cast so i’m chalking it up to being below 70

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@Alderion_1324 when you get to lvl 70 let us know how you go with it!

will do and thank you for the input.

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First of all srry for my poor english xd Well i got to much time to try it pushing +15, honestly i have problems around +12, why? Cuz felblade make me eat to much mechanics and die instant(+15), looking for a solution i raplace felblade for hunt, to use felblade when its needed and nothing more, in details i was geting more often 2nd place or 3rd place(but with not much difference in dps), i recomend have a weak aura to track when u must use fel rush :smiley: thx for ur work ! Very usefull

elfyaus macros are the best. only ones i look for now. =)