Elfyau's DF v1.1 Retribution Paladin **Updated 24-Dec-22**

It should work just fine even better if there is a bit of cleave to it. But I haven’t tested it in raids yet, so if you do I would :heart: the feedback :slight_smile:

so switching up talents to

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how is performing with these talents in m+/st ?

So far leveling my Pally to 70, this just deletes everything! One of the great things about it
is the consistent healing and survivability. Looking forward to 70 with this!

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I did any M+7 this weekend.

In ST: 35k+
In MT: 60k+ (When everything procs, in sustained damage, something around 50k.)

I have 375 of ilvl

do you use ob macro? i am far from these numbers and i would like to understand where i go wrong…

Yeah, I made some adjustments to hit for Seraphim more often and burst the CDS together.


is it a problem for you to share your modified macro?

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Great Macro. I made one change that really helped during leveling. For some reason my Paladin is really squishy. So I would fight and then spent time healing up. Kinda frustrating. So I added a new block 3.5 with a Flash of Light in it:
/cast [nochanneling] Flash of Light
Which cut down the healing after each fight and makes leveling a bit more fun.


Any chance you could share ?

Hi thanks for making this macro! Do I want to use the 1 button code or AOE and ST as separate macros?

its up to you. OB you just have to remember to use the Mod key for AoE.

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Does anyone know why when I hold shift or alt it’s not casting said skill? I checked and nothing is bound to them. Can anyone point me to a fix or forum post or anything about this. Thanks

there a lot of articles on WLM about this. just go GSE: Troubleshooting - WoW Lazy Macros and look around.

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Awesome! Thank you very much :slight_smile:
Also for the people having lockup issues, one thing that worked for me:
Check your keybinds, mine had overlapping binds that WoW added in with updates, and it was a conflict of interest…
Cheers and thanks again!

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