Elfyau's DF v1.1 Subtlety Rogue **Updated 30-Apr-23**

ya instant and crippling poison

The macro possibly needs adjusting, but what is your current ilvl?

329/360 pvp gear is equipted

granted its not gunna be super high but i get about 10k dps with this at my ill

Anyone having issues with downtime? It seems like I often have full combo points and full energy or near it yet the macro isn’t doing any abilities to consume the combo points. I have tried differing timers including the suggested one but doesnt seem to help. I am also using the talent points posted at the begging of this topic. Any help is appreciated!

Elfyau (or ne1), how is this DF macro different from the ST, OB, AOE macros that you include in your curseforge distribution?


its just the name he put in the title. it is the same as the addon

I’m betting it stands for something… but thanks.

the “DF”?
if that is it then its Dragon Flight.

or are you talking about something else? :slight_smile:

I think you are right. That makes sense - my question remains, though, which of the 3 macros distributed is this one? I’m going to guess the same as the OB one (One Button). Just want to make sure I’m using the right one, sorry for any confusion.

i have to admit i dont use the addon. but usually he puts all 3 in the addon. i get the macros from him so i can test them, before he releases them to all you great players.


evertime i try to play sub rogue, its really feels alot harder than other classes.

Im guessing due tot he 2 main sub rogue resources, its really hard to make a sub rogue gse that performs remotely well.

The 2 resources that gse authors have to account for for sub are
combo points
and the use of shadow dance

sub is just plain JUNK when shadowdance is down, and the most shadowdances you can have are 2 CDs that are too long IMO for the class.

I dont knwo why sub jsut cant go into shdowform like a spriest and have perma access shadowdance skills.

anyhow synergizing all these abilites on gse doesnt seem to work.

im always getting really really bad dps use gse macros with sub