Elfyau's DF v1.2 Destruction Warlock **Updated 30-Jun-23**

they still need updaring bro, im just gonna find some M+ talents off wowhead for now


The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!


So im trying to remove unending resolve from the macro but it seems like its locked and i cant make changes. Is that correct?

No it shouldn’t be locked - I don’t export them that way

i just checked my copy and it is not locked for me. that is weird that it locked for you. delete the macro and reimport it.

Was an addon blocking it. Got it figured out.

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Is there a way to set the macro to hit at target and not at cursor? I play one handed and it is a pain to switch. Hope you know what i mean.

@LSU4life if you mean with the Rain of Fire I am sorry to say there isn’t :cry:

ty. i’ll figure something out. love the macros.

Blizzard took out the ability to do what you asked back when DF came out. alot od creators and players are still PO about that.


If I took Crashing Chaos + Grand Warlock Design

Instead of

Diabolic Embers + Chaos Incarnate

Would anything in the macro need to change?

All four are passive but looks like yours will get more soul shard generation and the other would just allow extra damage and quicker summon infernal.

if they are passive, then no changes in macro. test it out and see, then let us know