Elfyau's DF v1.2 Fury Warrior **Updated 28-Jun-23**

NOTE I have created a plugin for all of my Warrior macros!! To find the plugins you can go to curseforge or your curse client and search for either “Elfyau” or “GSE” and they should show up in the results.

I believe the macro is reliable, but I think additional modifications may be necessary. What is your opinion on the matter?




Usage Information

v1.2 Made @250ms
NOTE: Make sure you are in Beserker Stance - unless you need Defensive Stance
ALT:- For Spell Reflection

I want to express my gratitude to my awesome Patreons. Without their ongoing support, creating these macros would be highly unlikely. To all of you who have been there for me, I want to give you a shout-out and my eternal thanks. You know who you are!

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and welcomed! Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on how I can improve the macros. The more feedback I receive, the better I can become at assisting you. Thank you for your valuable input!

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Thank you for the warrior update!
I noticed that it doesn’t use Rampage frequently, and only use’s it once at the start in combat when enough rage. But after that it doesn’t anymore.
I’m not a warrior expert as I changed to warrior main at the end of Shadowlands. But so far so good I think, although the dps is sometimes low, not sure how that comes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: It seems to be using Rampage good in dungeon only.


you can use a modifer for rampage, that’s what i did. It dont use it all the time when high rage even at .5 ms

I am not winning with this macro, it is not progressing past the first ? but all spells used in the macro are valid, so not sure how it shows a ? spell for first spell.

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I’m not expert enough to figure out why this macro just won’t work - often when i try and save it from inside the editor it just say the macro is broken and can’t be saved.

have you made sure you are using the talents within the macro?

hey @Elfyau i love your macros but this one is saying its missing 10 talent points. any updates on this yet?

are you 60 or 70? this is for 60 so if your 70, its gonna be missing 10 points.

im 70 currently using zugs macro but feels like im lacking dps since i have used elfy macros for awhile now

@william-martin I hope to get to it soon

not a problem, ill still use your macros on my alts. I love your macros


updated for 10.5? keep up the good work

macro has been updated? ???

macro or what are u refering to please?

No, macro have not been updated. if you want the latest news on Elfyau’s macro’s check the discord and Patron.

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Has not been updated yet - but soon! (with some luck lol)

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The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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I’m quite new to this, so forgive me. I think I’m missing something here. I have the macro installed, I’m using your talents provided, but I’m pretty much maxing out at about 17k dps at approx 3 minutes. When I manually use the abilities, I’m getting 32-35k dps.

need to adjust your MS your firing the macro.

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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