Elfyau's DF v1.2 Guardian Druid **Updated 07-Sep-23**

NOTE I have created a plugin for all of my Druid macros!! To find the plugins you can go to curseforge or your curse client and search for either “Elfyau” or “GSE” and they should show up in the results.

I believe this macro is quite reliable. It’s not necessary to utilize Frenzied Regeneration frequently. However, I would appreciate any suggestions or thoughts you may have. Thank you!





Usage Information

v1.2 Made @250ms
SHIFT:- For Frenzied Regeneration (Hold until it casts)
ALT:- For Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc

I want to express my gratitude to my awesome Patreons. Without their ongoing support, creating these macros would be highly unlikely. To all of you who have been there for me, I want to give you a shout-out and my eternal thanks. You know who you are!

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.42.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged! Remember, the more feedback I have, the more I may be able to improve the macros!

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Been using this macro for a bit now leveling and running dungeons, so far its doing well! I had to change Barkskin and just replaced it with Swipe. I prefer to have my Barkskin for when I need it but otherwise, solid so far!


Just ran my first dungeon using this at level 62 and soloed one of the bosses after my whole party wiped. I’d say so far, so good. Thanks for all your work in doing these @Elfyau


this macro pretty dope lol thought i think it may be slightly broken after next update cause druid spec will be moved around quite a bit but for now its awesome! ty

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Have always loved your macros!
Im 70 now and curious on what others are putting their extra 5 talent points on?

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it is actually a very fun macro. Just made a few adjustments and now i’m gonna have to gear a bear because of you lol

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Where would one put wild charge in this macro?

@Toetag1974 I would probably put it on a modifier in the KeyPress section

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge, let me know what you think, Cheers!

Thx for macro but is 250 ms AHK or razer , csi and so on ?

.250ms is a time statement, no matter what you use to run it on.


Trying this now while leveling from 60. It’s very fun. Can’t wait to try it at 70 with full talents.

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@nukester awesome to hear!! let me know how it goes in your travels! :smiley:

do we know why the shift mod doesnt work ?

@Bahaga do you use Elvui?

yes i do
thanks fer the reply Great Macros BTW !!

@Bahaga Thank you! And you are welcome! :smiley: this is mostly caused by Elvui. (Hopefully, they will fix this as it was never an issue before) But here is a workaround:

Open Elvui options (Type /elvui) then go to ActionBars then look for a drop-down box called ‘Pick up action key’ Change this to none or ctrl. GSE should now work with the shift modifier.

Remember to change this back to shift or use ctrl if that was your choice to move spells on your actionbars.

TYVM and keep up the great work :slight_smile:

@Bahaga did that work for you?

no sadly didn’t … but thank you for the info

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