Elfyau's DF v1.3 Feral Druid **Updated 05-Sep-23**

What are you all pulling for DPS?

Inside burst window im sitting about 26k
sustained floats between 17-18k.

gear lvl is 387.

MS between keypress is 1ms and repeat is on 250ms, this is on iCUE.

does this sound about right?

Not sure what iCUE is.

Sustained is about 20k and 250MS (hotkey) which I feel is low for iLvl 392.

its a program for automating keypress, like AHK. it probably for a specific mouse.

iCue is a software suite from corsair, mainly to control all RGB in the products from corsair

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I know how hard Feral macros are at the moment, so wanted to offer my five cents.

Single Target against 1 Dungeoneer’s Training Dummy over 180s:

Area of Effect against 5 Cleave Training Dummies over 180s:

Raidbots predicted 35,504 DPS and 145,937 DPS respectively.

The main issues are:

  • suboptimal spec, e.g. MC and PG are useless, no LS, VR instead of RnT, no Incarn (over 10k DPS for Single Target and over 50k DPS difference for Area of Effect)
  • Rip drops off occasionally during single target (95% uptime)
  • Bite > Rip during Berserk
  • missed Apex procs, as there is no way to trigger them manually
  • refreshed Rake early
  • no easy way to Rake during area of effect
  • use of Shred during area of effect

I think GSE is hitting it’s wall with Feral at the moment. I’m not faring better in my own attempts unfortunately. :sob:


Still no joy on loading talents… Blizz updates messing with it perhaps?

because Elf hasnt updated the talents yet for this spec. he just updated the curseforge addon to current, but didnt update the macros or their talents, except for the ones he has offically said he did.

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yes im getting the same message too

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The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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talent dont work it says not uptodate

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via Curseforge. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

Sorry, but the Talents are still not working.

for ppl howling bout “no the talent string isn’t working… buhuuu”

Here is the no brainer “how to”

  1. copy latest talents in OP macro
  2. open icyveins site, go to the class / spec you want to get right… in this case: icy veins > classes> druid> feral, then open talent link, if its a “aoe” talent set up then click “AOE”
  3. click on “Open i calculator”, new page opening
  4. click on the “Import string”
  5. paste the talent from WLM
  6. click on “Copy Export String”
  7. talnt can be used …

That 's 7 small steps for a player , 7 GIANT steps for a …

BTW… i did it for ya’ll:

I dont know if I am doing anything wrong, but whenever I hold shift the macro only shows regrowth, and does not do anything.

(I am using the One button)

make sure your shift isnt bound to something else. and if you using Elvui, that could be causing it.