Elfyau's DF v1.3 Holy Paladin **Updated 03-May-24**

ty for the response i actually got it working turns out it was the shift action bar setting in elvui i had already changed it in actual game settings did not realise i had to also do it in elvui too but its fixed now good macro although if im honest holy shock needs to be way higher on the prio list it dosent go of nearly enough

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Made a note will see if I can improve it next update

just to confirm because i forgot im talking about the dps macro

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hey elf it must of been my gear this macro pumps its soooo good
but I have 1 question with 2 parts is there anything we can do to get the blessing to fire of quicker the same to be held for quite a long time

second part in raid blessing of virtue is the best choice by far and it takes over the blessing of light spell now at the start of a fight it goes of like normal but it never seems to go off again throughout the whole fight is there anything I can do to fix this? also consecration I put it in the box with divine protection and wings to make it fire more consistent and its epic dmg is insane

The DPS macro works great. Can someone tell me why I am getting “you have no target” error messages

set a focus if i recall !

focus tank but still says no target

Anyone else using macro that can offer assistance

Try checking your trinkets

The macro has been updated and is available in the original post and via both the Wago and Curseforge app. Let me know what you think, Cheers!

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can you tell me if im doing this wrong? lol i got 34k healing on broodmother when the other 3 healers were over 100k to 120k.

i have tank as my focus. i mouse over all that need heals.

It just doesnt seem to be doing a lot

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hard to say, did you just use the healing from the DPS macro or the healing macro itself? Do you remember using the healing macro to hold SHIFT for group healing?

I kind of need more info.

i pressed shift to do light of dawn when it lit up yes. I think I may know the issue. I was running this like I do my other macros, at 150ms. I was out of mana most the fight.


Running both macros @250ms, using the DPS macro to build up Holy Power and when healing isn’t necessary. Switching between DPS and heal macro regularly and I experienced the same thing — I healed in a raid for Vault of the Incarnates and healed MUCH lower than any of the other healers. It would be nice to know how the Elfyau uses the macro, in detail (even if it’s barney-style, ez step-by-step just to clarify how it’s used), so we know what we are doing wrong (I’m new to Holy Pally).